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Article Marketing How to Use Article Marketing To Benefit Your Business

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 01/12/2009
  • Article Writing

Article marketing to build your list can be accomplished successfully over a period of time. Even if you have never written before, you can learn to write articles and submit them to the online article directories so that people will find you. Begin by writing an introductory paragraph to tell your readers exactly what you will be writing about. If they are interested in your topic they will read through to the end of the article. Then write several more short paragraphs to tell them the important points about your article topic. I prefer a series of short paragraphs to a bulleted list, because people’s minds are trained to skip over lists of items for the most part. You want readers to feel like they got good information b reading what you write about in your article.

Using your article to market your own products or services or those of others you are an affiliate for can be very rewarding. In the resource box of your article you will include an invitation to visit a website or blog where the reader can find out more. If they are still interested at this point they will be more lik

ely to click on the link. Keep your articles to about three hundred words. Many people write articles that are twice as long, when they could really turn that longer article into two shorter ones to market their products and services even more. Once you submit your articles to the directories, they will continue to work for you for quite a long time. If you have used your keywords in the title of your article and throughout the body of your article, you will find that after time it appears in the organic searches for those keywords when people are searching for them on Google or any of the search engines. The organic, or free, searches will also be more popular than the sponsored ads. This gives you an opportunity to market for years to come without having to pay for it.

Article marketing is not new. In fact, people have been writing articles and using them to market their products and services for many years. It is only during the past two years or so that it has caught on as a way to increase your credibility and visibility on the internet. Set a goal of writing just one article every day and you will have a very different business within a few short months.



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