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Article Marketing Strategies To Utilize To Increase Targeted Traffic

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 03/25/2011
  • Article Writing

Writing web content articles and then submitting those articles to several writing directories or article websites can really help increase targeted traffic. To make certain that the articles you come up with become effective in building traffic, you should apply some content writing tips as well as some article marketing strategies. Here are several you should employ: 1. Create articles that are compelling, unique, and informative. The articles you write should contain these characteristics: interesting, helpful, and unique. If your writings do not meet these requirements, it will be hard for you to entice readers to read your works from top to bottom. What’s the use of web content articles if people do not finish reading them, or if they just glance for a few seconds at those pieces and then transfer their attention to other articles? To increase targeted traffic, your articles should be completely read and should attract a lot of readers to click on the links you placed on those articles. Writing unique, informative, and compelling articles is therefore included in the list of content writing tips that you should follow. 2. Become an expert on your niche.

Having good knowledge about your niche or line of business is also one of the article marketing strategies that you should make use of. If

you don’t know much about your product or service, your niche, or your business, how can you expect to come up with high quality web content articles? You should do a thorough research on your selected niche before you start writing articles. There are so many published articles online, e-books, tutorials, etc, that you can consult to gain expertise on any niche. 3. Learn about proper keyword researching. Keywords are also one of the most important tools if you wish to increase targeted traffic in your site. Included in content writing tips, therefore, is for you to include some relevant keywords in your articles – keywords that are connected to your actual line of business, niche, or products and services. Keyword research is part of article marketing strategies you should not forget. Try using one of the best tools: Google Keyword Research tool, where you can type in a relevant word or phrase, and then, see similar phrases or keywords and their actual search volumes. Your web content articles should have from 2 up to 4 keywords that are niche related and have a high amount of volume for those articles to be easily found over the web.

Other tips and tricks you should utilize in order to increase targeted traffic include: creating attractive titles, making sure that the articles are made up of short or small paragraphs, and so on. Try using these article marketing strategies and notice how your site’s traffic is improved significantly.



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