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Article Marketing Tips | Using Twitter to Repurpose Your Articles

  • By Forest Marie
  • Published 03/24/2009
  • Article Writing

Distributing articles to article directories is just one of the many ways to utilize the power of article marketing. Repurposing your article can be done in many ways and should be to leverage your article marketing and time to the max. One of the easiest and extremely effective ways to repurpose your articles is by using Twitter. If you haven’t yet grasped why you should be on Twitter, this article will give you 7 good reasons why to use Twitter even if only to use it in your article marketing arsenal. Here are the 7 reasons why you should repurpose your articles on Twitter: 1. Expand your reach of influence. It is getting very easy to build a quality, niche targeted list on Twitter and fast. This first reason alone is enough to get on to Twitter and share your articles with other people you may not reach any other way. What’s really great is your article will not only be seen by those that are following you… It may also be seen by those following them, not to mention the possibilities of your article going viral and being retweeted.

2. Be helpful. When you see people on Twitter asking questions and you have an article that would answer their problem let them know about it. Also, when you see people talking about a specific subject you wrote about you can suggest your article for add

itional reading. 3. Become an expert. When you are sending people helpful articles you wrote and giving them great resources you may or may not have created you are building credibility and establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. 4. Speedy results. Whether you are posting in the AM or PM, you are bound to get replies and feedback from people. Since it is so short and sweet at 140 characters there seems to be more interaction than with emails. 5. Automate it. You can set up your blog and Ezine Articles account to automatically repurpose your new article by blasting them out to your Twitter account. For your blog you can find various plugins to achieve this result and for Ezine Articles just go to ‘Edit Author Bio’ and add your Twitter account login info. 6. Social Market. By using your articles as problem solvers you are socializing and marketing all at once. Social marketing does not get much easier than this. 7. Multiple messages are welcomed. Unlike a mailing list where sending more than one email a day could be a bad thing… Twitter is the opposite. One post on Twitter a day is not enough; people expect and want more interaction than one message of 140 characters especially if you are adding value.

If the above 7 reasons are not enough for you to repurpose your articles on Twitter, maybe you should rethink why you are article marketing in the first place.



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