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Article Marketing Turn Your Articles Into Press Releases For Greater Visibility Online

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 09/22/2008
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Article writing and marketing is one way to gain visibility and increase your credibility on the internet. But your articles can also serve a much greater purpose if you turn them into press releases. Sending press releases on a regular basis can catapult your business to the top within a very short period of time. You can get started with this by first writing and submitting an article to one of the article directories. Then you can repurpose that article into a press release by simply turning it into an announcement. Answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions and make it sound exciting. I like to think of it as a kindergarten student coming home from the first day of school and giving his family a detailed account of exactly what went on at school that day. If you can incorporate the excitement of what you are announcing into your press release, it will bring you lots of interest from the media and others on the internet. Press releases, even the ones you submit to the free press release sites, will give you increased visibility and rank high in the search engines for your keywords. Even though this may only be a temporary boost in your ranking, it will draw attention to you and what you are doing.

Traditional journalists are now searching the internet for information to include in their stories. The press release services will help you t

o get media exposure by releasing your story to Google and Yahoo News, allowing journalists and editors to receive your story quickly. Even the Wall Street Journal has stated that at least 75% of its contents come originally from press releases. When your press released is syndicated in this way, your news story can be instantly seen by tens of thousands of people who are searching for your topic. Even though they have never heard of you before, they will now have your name, website address, and phone number. Many of these people can easily be turned into prospects and clients. Sending out press releases improves your web site traffic because news sites and press release distribution sites are considered to be credible sources of information. Also, the links from those sites to your site in the news coverage or news releases count highly in making your site more likely to show up on earlier pages of search engine results. Over time, the use of news release distribution helps all the pages of your website rise in the search engine rankings, increasing your overall volume of traffic. In addition, if you are aware of the exact phrases (keywords) you use in your releases, the releases can dramatically increase your chances of showing up when potential customers type those phrases into search engines.

Incorporating press release into your online business plan will make a huge difference in your business, and it will all begin with writing an article.


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by Connie Ragen Green



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