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Article Marketing Writing Articles Will Be The Best Way To Promote Yourself And Your Business

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 01/23/2009
  • Article Writing

You can write articles to promote yourself and your business online. By using the right words in the title of the article and throughout the article, people will be able to easily find you and you will do more business. Article writing and marketing is the fastest and easiest way to get some free advertising for yourself and your business. Keep your articles about three hundred words in length. This will enable you to get to the point and keep the attention of your readers. People who are searching for information on the internet want to be able to read your article quickly to see if they are interested in learning more or want to search for something else. By keeping the word count to a minimum, you will end up with a highly qualified lead if the reader clicks through to your site after reading what you have written.

Make a short outline before you begin writing your article so that you will include your key points. This also makes the article flow more smoothly and helps to keep the reader focused. Remember that the goal is to get your reader to read through your article and get to the link in your resource box. This is where you hav

e the opportunity to share what you are doing with the reader. Make a list of your keyword phrases that apply to your niche. Then, include these keywords in the title of the article and within the body of the article. Each article should only focus on one keyword phrase. This will ensure that those who click through to your site are searching for exactly what you have to offer. Include just enough valuable information on your topic to keep the reader reading until the very end. Then you can encourage them to visit your blog or website in order to find out even more. I start my articles with a two or three sentence introduction. If someone is looking for information and finds it there in the very beginning, they are likely to keep reading. Next, I describe what I will be sharing. Remember that these articles will be short, so don’t make any big promises.

Then I give out my information in a way that is easy to read and understand. Most of my articles tend to be at the ninth or tenth grade reading level. Keep your articles simple and readers will always come back for more. Article writing and marketing gives you the opportunity to share your information with more people than you could ever have imagined.



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