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Article Resource Box Secrets That Make Your Articles Go The Extra Mile

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 03/5/2009
  • Article Writing

Are you missing opportunities with your article resource box? If you haven’t updated your bio box at the end of your article, you could be missing out, big time. With a massive outdated resource box or none at all, you are missing generous opportunities to market your product, service or yourself. When you distribute your insightful articles to the A-list of article banks, directories, ezines and high traffic blogs your resource box at the end becomes your selling point. Yes, it’s a soft sell. Nevertheless, it is a place to promote something related to your article. Don’t miss out on your big opportunity to let your reader know about what you’re promoting. Here are 7 tips to pump up your article resource box and prosper: 1. Update your resource box to embrace Web 2.0. Make it shorter and punchier. Grab attention first. Make your offer second. Talk about you last. Make sure your links are correct. You’ll miss the mark if your link does not work. Be friendly and personable with your information. Not many will care about your stuffy title alone. 2. Include 2 hyperlinks or website URLs. Most article directories and ezines will allow an article writer to include at least 2 website URLs in their signature file or resource box. Use both; direct one to your offer and the other to the general website or sales page.

3. Offer a freebie in your article resource box. Put the first URL here and offer a free resource to your reader. Entice them with a powerful resource. Make it valuable, make it unique and make it yours. For example your online newsletter, a special report by auto responder that collec

ts the emails for your lists. Remember the list is premium, so make it a goal to capture your reader’s emails. 4. Create a call to action. Put your soft sell sales message in each article resource box. All resource boxes should be a call to action. Many newbie article marketers miss the mark with this one. They create a beautiful signature box with all the elements except a call-to-action. Don’t leave this out; write a great article then call your reader to action. Create it like a 30 second commercial. 5. Put your name and title on the last line. For example Mae Brown, article writing coach. If you are an expert or many year professional be sure to mention that. You should always include your title and experience in your resource box. But put your reader first. 6. Write your concept statement. If there’s room, put your 1 line mission statement with a major benefit on line two. For example, “empowers professionals to realize their best dreams” or “helps home business professionals’ work out their best dreams.” 7. Insert keywords in your URLs. Stay conscious of using your article to leverage your position in the search engines. Find out the long tail keywords for your business or website and use them to direct traffic to your products and services.

If you don’t update your article resource box, the missed opportunities representing increased publicity, prospects and profits may continue to grow. So, take the secret tips above and write your resource box to promote. Persuade people to click the link to that free offer where your auto responder or your web site collects their email for future promotions. Do this every time you write an article and reap the rewards of every opportunity to sell yourself, your product or service.



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