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Article Submission For Marketing

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 11/19/2008
  • Article Writing

Article submission entails the writing and presentation of an article in was that provide people with valuable useful information that may pique their interest to encourage them to click over to your website. Some folks are new to article submission and must be advised that there are certain protocols that need to be observed and followed if one wants to be successful in this process. As with any industry there are numerous experts and one is urged to read up and investigate some of these tips and hints that are provided by the experts. Prior to your successful article submission, one will have to hone your writing skills to be able to construe to the readers what it is that you provide, in terms of professional advice or insight into a specific field of interest. Before rushing into article submission, sit down and work out what you are going to write and how you will make it interesting and engaging for your readers, too many articles are circulated that contain very poor information and writing styles. This in turn almost scares the reader off and this is not you primary objective in article submission.

The first part to enable you to grab your reader is the headline or title; write something that is accurate but exciting enough to lure the reader into your article. Perhaps even give them a teaser of sorts that will make the r

eader want to read on. With article submission, you are basically the expert that is providing valuable insight and or information to your readers. Some people may take your advice and use it in their life, remember that you are giving this information away and there are billions of article readers. Remain accurate, professional and knowledgeable on your subject matter. Your chance for marketing in your article submission efforts is not during the body of the article but rather at the end, respect that rule in the article submission process. This rule is the main deciding factor on the publication of your article. Remember that whilst writing, you may understand all the jargon and technical terms of what you are writing about, the reader does not necessarily understand these issues and you as the writer must ensure that the information is supplied in an easy to understand format during the article submission exercise. This goes for grammar and spelling too, double check the text prior to article submission, as this has an effect on credibility.

Your chance to lure readers to your website, to purchase your products and or services lies in your call to action presented to the reader as well what is contained in your resource box. Close off your article submission with a brief biography, preferably a one liner, as well as a link to your mail or website. Use this process of article submission correctly and you will benefit from the free exposure.



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