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Article Submission For SEO

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 03/13/2009
  • Article Writing

There are some key factors that need to be taken into account when dealing with article submission for SEO purposes. One should consider all the benefits that exist from article marketing and these, in a nutshell include link building, increasing traffic, and growing your online business. One of the key success areas in article submission, to achieve these ends include great content. This is essentially a reflection of your website that is contained at these article directories.

The content aspect of the article, as well as your website content is critical in generating traffic, with the article submission process enabling you to capture readers and additional traffic, that may not have been aware of your website and or services. By providing the links within the author’s bio, this creates a passage way to your site. If your article is chosen to be published on other sites, this too has a great effect on your link building efforts. If one is focusing on the article submission as a form of marketing, consider two things; these are that your content is the most important, and the second is that each article you submit is an opportunity for a link to your website. This is where you should also consider adding in different links to different pages within your site to ‘expose’ the whole site and not jus

t the home page. The article marketing option presents the opportunity of your business being marketed on a type of auto pilot setting. It is as if you have placed your flyers, business cards and so forth across the world, and all people need to do is click through to open the door to your business. Having said that, we come back to the content issue, this must be compelling enough to make the reader want to know or learn more about your services and products, and therefore follow the link which provides more exposure and the possibility of higher conversion rates. Article submission, writing and marketing are all a longer term activity, so don’t submit one article and expect the entire world to suddenly appear on your website. This is a continual process that must be pursued, whilst fine tuning your writing and marketing skills along the way. Be sure that your copy and content is sound and valid, this will ensure the results are achieved, and more importantly make sure that you are familiar with the article directory or directories rules and format of article submission, as the editor has the right to refuse the publication of your writing.

Article submission to the directories is a cost effective and proven method for exposure, linking and marketing of your business, you should consider all the benefits that you stand to enjoy in implementing your article marketing strategy.



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