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Article Writing And Marketing How To Build Up Your Prospects And Your Name

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 04/14/2009
  • Article Writing

Article writing has become part of my daily process for building my business. When I first started think about using article writing and marketing as part of my business model, I thought that each article was submitted to an editor, like I used to do long ago. On the internet it is a very different process. Back when I was trying to get my articles published in magazines and journals, I had to follow strict guidelines as to what the topic would be, how many words it could be, and when the issue would appear. Even though the article directories have rules about the minimum word count and the quality of the writing, there is no deadline to meet or editor to tell you that what you wrote was not exactly what they were looking for that month. I keep my articles very short and straightforward, and teach one thing in each of them. I want my readers to go away with another piece of information that will help them in their quest to build an online business.

The reading level is something else I take into consideration. Most of us just don’t have the time or desir

e to read long, difficult passages that require us to think like an academic. Instead, we want to read articles that can be quickly consumed while teaching us something at the same time. I keep the reading level at about the ninth or tenth grade, and this works very well. My goal is to get the reader to visit my website or blog to get even more information on how to get started online. Keep your articles simple. Make the point you want to teach, give some examples, and then come to the end. You notice I did not say to end the article. Your writing ends when someone has clicked on the link in the resource box and visited the site you have sent them to. If you end the article there is absolutely no reason for someone to click on the link, because you have answered their questions completely and thoroughly. You want to make them hungry for the rest of the information, so a soft ending is best.

I usually just check my word count and then finish that sentence. If my articles appear unfinished, it is because they are. I encourage you to do the same thing and invite readers to your site to find out more of what they are looking for.



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