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Article Writing Building Content To Promote Your Website

  • By Kerry Thomas
  • Published 05/24/2008
  • Article Writing

One of the absolute best ways to improve your search engine rankings and directly promote your products and services is by submitting articles to quality article directories. Search engines find and index relevant content. What exactly is relevant content? Ideally you should be able to search for a specific keyword or phrase and all the search results returned should be related to that search term. Right now, articles offers the web promoter a widely accepted method to gain traffic to their site. Some of the past web promotion techniques did not always deliver the results that visitors were looking for. Link exchanging was one such technique that has lost favor with search engines. I do not recommend using link exchanges and bought text links. Webmasters were all too eager to swap links with other sites even if both sites were completely unrelated. As you can imagine,link exchanges simply diluted the search results and allowed some non-relevant sites to be returned in the search results. The search engine’s job becomes easier to do when a website–your perhaps–has lots of textual content that is linked to from other related sites. Search engines look at links and the content around links to determine how relevant the web page would be to to a particular keyword search. Article writing gives you the perfect way to deliver exactly what the search engines are looking for and in return you generate traffic for your website. One should avoid the excessive use of keywords and simply write for a human audience. Please note that this method of marketing will require that you regularly submit content. Keep the information flowing and always try to keep new and fresh content available. Remember that once your work is published you may develop a loyal bunch of followers that will be looking for more of your information. Your writing can and should be targeted to a specific niche that fits your purposes and stands an excellent chance of getting indexed into the search engines. Once the web page with your article is indexed then you will have a link pointing to your site that helps your search rankings. Another perk to this method of marketing is the fact that you will generate direct traffic to your site.

Don’t struggle to optimize your website with methods that don’t work. Relevant content is what it takes and quality articles will get your site noticed.



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