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Article Writing From An Academic Perspective

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 01/15/2009
  • Article Writing

Some of these journals and or articles are reviewed by their peers within the academic field that the article is written in, these reviews will most likely establish the level of rating or expertise of the written work. This does not mean that the article is not any good or qualified in its own right. Normally the author conducting the article writing at the time may have a belief or slight proof of a specific situation within that field of study, and the resulting article or journal represents that thought in an effort to stimulate further research or comments on his or her theory. There are certain rules and aspects that must be followed in article writing for academic articles this is also applicable for someone analyzing the article for research purposes. These factors include the conventions that govern the layout of an article, as well as the style and voice that must be used to make the article writing techniques and results acceptable to his or her peers in the academic field concerned. A prominent issue within the academic article writing field is the structure of the article, which must adhere to a specific way to make the information more easily accessible.

In analyzing the work as well as the article writing techniques of an academic article, you have to approach the article as a whole and in its entirety. This consideration involves asking yourself numerous questions; which include questio

ns about the author, his or her qualifications and the intended audience of the author. The qualifications address the issues of relevance and the reliability of the conclusions of the article writer. The audience of the article, to which it is directed, is vital in determining the style of the article as well as the amount of detail and structure. The qualifications can normally be established from the references, or even the article description; whilst the target audience might be a bit more difficult to ascertain, this can be done by scanning through the article or just the first paragraphs, this normally reveals the need and reasoning for the article writing and resultant findings. Information sources in academic publications are also vital as they serve to confirm a validity of the authors thinking, presentation and findings contained in the article. The sources in academic articles are normally contained in a bibliography or via foot or end notes contained in the article. When evaluating an article, always consider your personal view on what the author is presenting; this can be backed up by any criticisms of the article and may serve to establish the validity of the article writing process as well as the presentation and conclusions of the article being analysed.

Article writing for academic purposes involves a few rules that must be followed and can be used as a prior establishment of a possible theory; some authors utilize the article writing process to establish the academic response to their theory or theories.



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