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Article Writing Is One Aspect

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 03/17/2009
  • Article Writing

There are some issues that you can familiarize yourself with in order to get people to read your articles after you have submitted the article to the relevant directory, and essentially what you are trying to do is to make the body, structure and content of the article interesting enough or compelling enough to allow the reader to want to read through the entire article and then click through to your website, via your author box. The paragraph structure and length is of utmost importance when article writing, you want to keep the paragraphs relatively short. This enables the reader to approach the reading material easily, without getting frightened off by the sheer size of long blocks of text. As the reader looks at the material, they really do not need to be frightened off and therefore the short blocks will encourage a more user friendly ‘interface’ for the reader.

The title or header can provide a make or break situation for the reader, and really needs careful consideration in your article writing efforts. Use this opportunity to generate more interest in the reader so that he or she wants to read on, as you have piqued their interest by providing a compelling or attention grabbing headline. It does not have to be over the top, but should be eye catching. Just consider all t

he information that is out there, you have to make your article stand out from the masses of this freely available information. Using facts and figures in the correct way can increase the authoritative image of your article, which will also have a bearing on your name as author, or even expert in your field. However make these facts and figures interesting and relevant, do not just thumb suck any value, as this too will affect your credibility. Metaphors and descriptive article writing techniques are also a must, but once again within moderation. This technique can be used to reinforce that points that you wish to make, by using real life situations, or even what if scenarios. Do not overdo this section, as you are writing a factual article and not a novel, you want the reader to read through the article and take something of value from that article, and preferably you want them to follow through to your site.

Article writing and marketing is the most cost effective and a well proven methodology for marketing online. It offers the online marketer a cheap alternative that has the ability of generating traffic as well as numerous links to their site. Bear in mind that when you conduct an article writing exercise you are casting your image, or that of your business and its products, out in the open. Keep your article writing informative and relevant to the subject at hand.



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