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Article Writing Made Easy

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 11/20/2008
  • Article Writing

Article writing is about considering the topic that you have to write about, and then starting with notes and issues around the subject. Even if incoherent at first, it is imperative that as an article writing author you allow yourself to relax and note all relevant issues that apply to the subject at hand. Your first draft is exactly that, a first draft, the editing process and the flow of the article can be accomplished after you have written everything you wanted to convey within this article writing process. At this point you are merely checking the content, and then move onto the editing and adaptations that you will be making. During the editing process of your article writing ensure that you are addressing the topic in a correct and factual way, remembering that you are not writing web content or sales copy. Your article writing is to provide an informative and value added description or process related to what you want the reader to eventually access. Editors and article directories are extremely strict on this issue, and quite rightly so. Your resource box can be used as your mini business card, which will enable the reader to click through to your website. Once you have edited your article, the next process of article writing besides the grammar and spelling part is to ensure that your focus is in tact and in line with your topic of the article writing activity. By wandering off topic and discussing issues that are not related to your main topic looks like you are filling space, and you do not really have anything valuable to contribute to the reader, who has taken time out to read your article. Once you have completed your article, let it stand for a couple of hours or even a day or two, and return to the article. Allowing the writing to settle and your mind to wander off the topic will stimulate the mind with the final product in mind. New ideas will be generated if you possibly missed something in the article writing and by waiting a short while, one still has the opportunity to add these potentially valuable parts. One should also ensure that you do not make the article too long or too short, a good length is estimated at approximately four to five hundred words.

Article writing is a simple process where certain concepts, as well as a few rules must be followed to ensure that your article gets published. The article writing process is rewarding for those wishing to express their talents as writers, as well as purveyors of information.



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