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Article Writing On Giving Up Smoking

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 01/27/2009
  • Article Writing

Perhaps you are one of the lucky or hard working ones that have managed to give up smoking and you feel that you could share your techniques or tips with the world to offer some support to those looking to give up or stop smoking. You may have discovered that sure win strategy or habit breaking formula that will enable some die hard smokers to kick the habit. In this instance one should look at article writing to share this insight that may have been truly unique during your giving up process. One would think that smoking, in general, is deemed to be a very bad health affecting habit, yet so many people smoke, and enjoy doing so. By highlighting the negativities in article writing may not reach your target audience, as they are continually exposed to the negative connotations that are regularly published by the anti smoking lobbyists. Hence one might want to approach the article writing exercise from a more compassionate point, possibly a point that you had experienced and can then to relate to the smoker that may be reading your article.

One should look at addressing the feelings and actions that you went through, whilst article writing, as the audience may need something or someone that they can relate to, not being in a position of being

lectured or frowned upon, as is the case with the mentioned lobbyists. By approaching the reader from a more compassionate point of view in the beginning of the article writing process, you will capture the attention of the reader, whereby you can share with them your experiences and then quote the facts and figures towards the end as a closing statement in the article. One will have to cast oneself back in time, to the period that you gave up smoking and try and recall the exact feelings that you were experiencing as well as the defining moment that made you decide to give up. This utilised in the article writing process will give the reader the insight and possibly create his or her defining moment to join the ranks of ex smokers. One should also approach it from a subtle and common sense angle that will ensure the reader continues to read on and becomes engulfed in the article. You will have the opportunity to share with that reader instead of them going off to the next item to be read.

Your article writing efforts are meant to provide a valuable source of inspiration for people, as well as the opportunity for you to share with those out there that may possibly benefit from your experiences, albeit good or bad, during your time of giving up. Utilize this opportunity to provide constructive and valuable advice to those that may read your work.


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