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Article Writing Template What to Include

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/28/2009
  • Article Writing

Have you wondered how people wrote essays so quickly and effortlessly? Did you wonder what their secret was? Most people have to deal with writer’s block, or even struggling with the article itself. How do some people write so quickly-and effectively? The answer that you might be looking for is an article writing template. An article writing template helps you write fast-at the same time targeting all the necessary information that you want to give your readers. Just what kind of template is this, and what is inside this template? How can a mere template help a writer achieve is goals? An article writing template does not only help you write articles by guiding you in what to write; it also helps you in organizing your thoughts, as well as keep you on track. The first and probably the most important thing included is the title. Your title should be catchy and bold enough to capture the attention of your readers. Think of your own experience as a reader. The title is the first thing you see, so if it captures you attention, it will make you want to read the rest of the article as well.

The following are some things you should consider when writing a title: try to insert something for the reader so that they will be enticed to read it; also, put in the keywords of the article so the reader will instantly know what you will b

e talking about, and also for search engine optimization. As you do this, do not be afraid to try out several titles. Only by trying the way they sound and look will you be able to capture the perfect title. The first paragraph follows the title directly, so it has to have the same catchy appeal as the title. It has to give the main information, and it has to do so in an interesting way, so that it will once again entice the readers to finish reading the whole article. In a newspaper article it is often called a “lead,” whereas it is sometimes also referred to as a “teaser.” The names give you an idea of their function. What you should include in it are the following: a main, strong sentence, illustrative sentences that support this, and reference. As an article is based on facts, a writer never fails to cite his references, when he or she has any. Sometimes, quotes are also used to help strengthen the article. This gives it more depth and feeling. As you write other paragraphs in the same format, keep in mind that you always have to put the main and most important information first. This is so that your readers will immediately get the necessary information they need and want.

When you are done writing the paragraphs which illustrate your main article or argument, you should wrap up your article with a solid conclusion. This is where you usually summarize the important points in your article, so that they will stick with your readers.



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