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Article Writing Tips For The Web Content Writer

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 03/25/2011
  • Article Writing

A good method to increase website traffic is by creating content for the web. If you’re just starting as a web content writer, surely you need article writing tips that will help ensure that what you’ll come up with is good quality content that makes people want to read it and eventually desire to visit your website. The following are some of the techniques you can utilize to succeed in content writing and attract more traffic to your web site: Technique A: Come up with an enticing or compelling title. The very first thing that people will see when they come across your article online is its title. A good title, therefore, is one of the tools that increase website traffic. The title should contain your main keyword or the main key phrase plus a secondary keyword or key phrase. It should attract people to read your whole article as well. These are some of the article writing tips that pertain to creating article titles correctly. When creating content for the web, for instance, and your niche is article marketing, a compelling title could be: ‘Article Marketing Strategies That Build Traffic Quickly’, compared to: ‘Article Marketing For Aspiring Marketers’. The first title is more beneficial to a web content writer as it contains a main keyword phrase (article marketing strategies) and a secondary keyword phrase (build traffic) and those phrases have good search volumes if you check with Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool.

Technique B: Mak

e sure that the body of the article is relevant to the title and should be informative or helpful and readable. The body of the article is also very important and can either increase website traffic or drive traffic away from your site. First and foremost, the body should be connected to your actual title. It should also be found interesting, informative, or helpful by the readers. It should also be easy to read e.g. the paragraphs should not be too long, there should be sub headlines or sub headlines as much as possible, and so forth. Adding bullets, ensuring that paragraphs have only 3 – 4 sentences, etc, are some of the article writing tips you every web content writer should keep in mind. Technique C: Do not forget to do keyword research. Creating content for the web properly also means that you should do some keyword research as without the right keywords, your content will not be found easily on the search engines. If it can’t be found, how will you be able to increase website traffic with it? Having a main keyword plus 2 – 3 secondary keywords in every article is recommended. Of course, those keywords should be connected to your actual business or niche for them to be effective.

If you wish to be considered as a successful web content writer and if you wish to use your articles for building site traffic, follow the article writing tips discussed in this write up. Remember too that creating content for the web that’s unique is also a must so you should check your content for any traces of duplication or plagiarism before submitting to any article directory.



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