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Articles For SEO The Number 1 Tactic For Higher Ranking Websites

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 11/11/2009
  • Article Writing

Writing articles for SEO is the bread and butter, the number one ranking strategy, for any website embarking on a new SEO campaign. Writing articles for search engine optimisation reasons is by far the easiest and the most time and cost effective strategy to see you getting ranked higher up the search engines. Why do people use article directories you may ask? Let’s say someone owns a newsletter for a school or a group or organisation. If you are a newsletter owner, you always want to put out good quality content, but it’s difficult to come up with something every week to send out to your subscribers that will keep them interested and is also relevant to your purpose. You might go any of the number the article directories, find an article, pop it in your newsletter and post it out to your members. If you do this, in your newsletter you have to reference the author otherwise it is considered plagiarism or stealing. In doing by submitting articles to directories which are linked back to your website, when other newsletters quote your work, that link in then being spread further afield and multiplying.

The benefit in submitting articles for SEO is twofold. Not only do we get a link from the article directory itself, but sometimes a newslett

er owner or people building websites might think “This is a good quality article. I’m going to publish it on my website.” Now we have another website that is using the article from the article directory and has to include the resource box and it shifts the link back creating further direct links your website. Article submission websites rank really well in search engines and they give you the opportunity to send high value links complete with the correct anchor text back to your main money site which will inevitably increase you popularity in web searches. You can fill in a resource box with your domain name and you can also have another link to your main site with your primary keyword in the anchor text which gives you two opportunities to link back to your website with the keywords you are trying to optimize. Writing articles for search engine optimization (SEO) is really quite easy to do. To make it as effective as possible in ranking your website, make sure you optimize your article just how you would optimize a webpage. Your article should be on the same subject matter as your main site and feature a related keyword in each of the title tag, meta description and meta keywords.

By harnessing the power of articles for SEO, with a small amount of effort you will be achieving great results in a higher ranking for your website.



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