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Articles Writing and Submission Tips For The Writer

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 10/31/2008
  • Writing

A problem will arise if you write your article like a sales or marketing brochure, as it will most likely to be rejected by the directory or directories you have selected for article submission because of that very reason. As mentioned, when writing an article the writer is subject to certain rules and regulations, which will inevitably affect the article submission process. When your article is viewed by editors or potential readers do not want to be bombarded with useless sales information that they are not interested in, they would rather prefer professional and helpful information that may help them. Therefore one should keep your sales information on your website in your web content. With article submission, by attempting to submit this type of sales copy will result in the article being rejected. Stick to the subject that you are providing for your reader, leave your links for the resource area of your article, where it belongs. Stay with your desired subject and what you intend to convey to your readers, you will have a better chance of enticing the reader to come through to your website if you provide valuable useful information that can serve as a reference to your expertise in that field. Within the article submission process, by retaining focus and professionalism allows for fewer potential problems to creep in and the chance of publication is increased.

Once you have your written work and are preparing fo

r article submission, there are certain processes and formats that you should keep in mind. Some directories require that a specific format be utilised or article submission is done through a specific software program. The following general tips should help in this article submission process. Before article submission familiarize yourself with all criteria pertaining to the specific directory, this will avoid any misunderstandings or frustration later on in the article submission process. Pay attention to the editorial guidelines as published by the directory, once again to avoid disappointment of going through the article submission process and then not having the article published. Editorial content of your article should not be plagiarized; there are online tools to assist with this. The article should not contain direct sales or marketing messaging, it should not promote racial or religious hate or persecution, and definitely no pornographic or adult material content. Correct structure and simple punctuation rules should be followed. These are just a few basic tips for you in article submission; rather establish the exact requirements so that you are fully aware of the processes.

Although the article submission process sounds fairly comprehensive, once you get used to the rules and required format, it becomes second nature, as they say practice makes perfect. Take the time and make the effort to correctly formulate and structure your article prior to article submission to ensure both smooth submission and publication of your article.



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