Arts and Crafts for 3 Year Olds


Authored by Carly Hart in Crafts 
Published on 11-21-2009

Pre-school aged children enjoy arts and crafts, provided that they aren’t too complicated. The key to making craft time fun and enjoyable for young children is to ensure that the craft is age appropriate. Below are two arts and crafts appropriate for 3 year olds that are fun and engaging, as well as easy to make.

Christmas Arts and Craft for 3 Year Olds

Christmas arts and craft projects for 3 year olds are great to give away as gifts. Children grow so fast and a Christmas wreath is a fun and memorable craft that is easy to assemble. Here is a list of supplies that are needed to complete this Christmas craft:

  • Green construction paper, approximately 10-12 sheets per child
  • Red construction paper, approximately 1-2 sheets per child
  • One piece of poster board
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Hole puncher
  • Reinforcements (2)
  • Compass

Using a compass, draw a large circle on the poster board, with a smaller circle inside to create a donut shaped template. This will become the wreath. Next, trace around the 3 year old’s hands, both left and right, until there are enough hands to cover the wreath. For a splash of color, trace 4 hands on red construction paper to mix in with the green while assembling the Christmas wreath. A child as young as three can practice their tracing and scissor skills, or if needed, an adult can assist them. Next, have the child layer the hand prints around the wreath template, gluing them each into place. The red hand prints will give a burst of color that will mimic holly berries. Once complete, have them use the hole puncher to punch a hole at the top of the wreath for hanging. Reinforcements should be placed both on front and back of the hole for strength.

Tree Craft for 3 Year Olds

This arts and crafts project for 3 year olds is one that can be messy, but both fun and educational. Here is a list of needed supplies:

  • Large piece of poster board
  • Brown permanent marker
  • Crayons
  • Craft paint, washable
  • Paper plates

On a large piece of poster board, draw the outline of a tree, complete with branches. Have the 3 year old child color the tree with crayons. Next, have a well-smocked child add leaves to the tree by dipping their hands into craft paints prepared for use on paper plates. If it is autumn, red, orange and yellow paint are optimal to use. For use as an arts and crafts project in the spring, have the child use green paint to create the leaves with their hand prints. Adding apples or other fruit is easy to do by having the child draw a fist, tapping the bottom of their fisted hand into paint and then applying it to the craft. Make a sun in the sky, complete with rays, by overlapping hand prints, fingers out, to make a stunning sun. For best results, have bowls of water and towels nearby for quick rinses between colors.

Children learn by doing and these fun arts and crafts projects for 3 year olds are guaranteed to delight. Best yet, parents can give these arts and crafts projects away to their family members as gifts or to brighten their home with refrigerator art.



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