ASUS Rides High with New Smartphone Release P565

On top of the very, very successful ASUS Eee series of “netbooks” and mobile personal computers, ASUS USA is now launching its own bet in the international telecommunications and web applications arena, its own fast Smartphone: the P565.

When the P565 was conceptualized and made the online news wires, no one was really surprised; because all the shock has been drained out of the general public with the release of the compact ASUS eee “netbooks” that weighed less than two kilos and gradually packed a punch. From two gigabytes of hard drive space to twenty, and now more than sixty, ASUS is now the leader in making small devices do big things.

Smartphones and Business

In recent surveys, Smartphones are now being used extensively in businesses and its deployment will rise significantly in the next two to three years. We owe this development to the general versatility of the recently released Smartphones:

  • Web browsing made easy – people no longer have to suffer from the indignity of viewing websites through flimsy “browsers” that aren’t really browsers. Finally, people can finally go to Google and see the Google logo on top of the web page, just where it’s supposed to be.
  • Web applications – before Smartphones or similar technologies were made available to the general public, people had to simply refrain from even thinking of going to websites that required Flash plugins and similar applications that would allow for a richer experience on the World Wide Web. This too has been eliminated with the advent of sophisticated, high-end Smartphones.
  • Typing, reconsidered – many of the available Smartphones use touch-screen technology, which means you actually see the whole QWERTY series of letters on screen. Might be a good thing, might be not for some.

The ASUS P565

The ASUS P565 is powered by one of the fastest rising leaders in the global Smartphone market – Windows Mobile. The Smartphone can handle multiple applications and formats, and has been designed to be indispensable for the corporate setting. Email, text documents, presentations and spreadsheets are a cinch for the ASUS P565.

The P565 is a versatile little fellow; it can connect to three of the well-used forms of connectivity for portable devices, including EDGE and Wi-fi. 3G is in the picture as well, though people are encouraged to use the Wi-fi capability to see how fast this one can really go when it comes to real time Web surfing.

For those who like the touch of the last decade, the ASUS P565 has a three megapixel camera for those important and memorable events, and has Bluetooth v.2 for easy phone to Smartphone, or Smartphone to Smartphone connectivity for file transfer and even games.

Versatility marks the entry of the P565 to the online mass market, as it is made available by many online resellers. The resolution of the P565 is at an appropriate (adequate?) 480 pixels by 640 pixels, which would be very, very useful if you like your videos on the run. For businesspeople, the resolution would allow you to read documents easier, and far more smoothly.


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