At Home Exercises for Men

There will be a few stretches in our lives where accessibility to a gym would be impossible. Most people give up on building a Spartan body and continue on their lives miserably. Fortunately, the body you want can be built without the use of equipment.

Building a workout plan with exercises and movements that do not require equipment is easy if you plan ahead. If you think about it, all you really need is a pushing and pulling movement for both your upper body and lower body.

Push up

The simple push up is a great pushing movement to hit the chest, front shoulders and triceps. This is great for building muscles that you can show off to the girls with. All you have to do is get on the floor with your hands beside your sternum and push up. To make this exercise harder, simply put your legs on an elevated bench. You can also add weight by wearing a weight vest or putting heavy items on your back.


The pull-up is heralded by some as one of the best upper body mass builder. Find a bar to hold on to and pull yourself up to your sternum. By varying your grip, you can choose to target your back muscles or your biceps. If you don’t own a pull-up bar, don’t fret. You can always find a ledge or use your door to do pull-ups.

Towel tug-of-war

Need a biceps builder but don’t have enough weight to bicep curl? Tug-of-war is your answer. Get a friend and a towel and start initiating a pulling contest. This exercise will blow up your biceps fast. If
you don’t have a friend, simply tie the towel to a pole or something and pull yourself towards it while sitting on your butt. This exercise is fun and effective.


Nothing beats the king of all exercises, the squat. Even without weights on your back, this exercise will tax your quads and butt a great deal. Squat down by bending your hips first so you won’t aggravate your knees. Arch your lower back and keep your chest up. This will ensure proper form mechanics.

Glute Bridge

This exercise is great as a pulling motion for your lower body. It will hit your hamstrings and butt like no other exercise will. Simply lie down on the floor with your knees bent. Start thrusting your hips upwards and contract your butt forcefully. Because this exercise simulates hip extension, it will help in various sports and activities.

To make this exercise harder, try doing them with one leg. If not, take a heavy object and load them on your hips. To see how this exercise should be done, click here.

Curl up

What’s a workout routine without some abdominal work? To get rock hard abs, you should lower your body fat first. But you can’t sculpt what isn’t there in the first place. That’s why direct abdominal work is a must in this routine.

Lay flat on the floor with your legs straight. Start by curling up by bringing your chest up towards the ceiling above you. You should feel a strong contraction in your abdominals. The trick to this exercise is to keep your legs straight. You’ll feel a stronger contraction that way.

If you can use these few exercises to build a routine, you can be sure to build the body you want even without gym access. Take note that you should increase the difficulty of every training session so your body can adapt.


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