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Attention! Boiled egg and soldiers are back

  • By Emily Amelia Inglis
  • Published 09/11/2012

Boiled egg and soldiers are a British institution, but as a breakfast idea, they seem to have gone a bit quiet recently. Perhaps they are a touch nostalgic, but surely you can’t have forgotten how completely delicious it is on a lazy Sunday morning. To help you get back into groove, those nice people at Warburtons have rustled up a good boiled egg recipe idea for you to enjoy (preferably in bed) at the weekend with the papers.

Of course, there’s not much that actually goes into a boiled egg recipe per se, but the tricky part is getting the runniness of the egg right. Leave the egg in the boiling water for too long and it will come out too hard boiled to enjoy with soldiers, but take them out too early and you run the risk of the egg not cooking through properly.

Once you have managed to get the technique and timings down to a tee, the other thing you have to think about is what type of bread to make the soldiers out of. Luckily, those nice people at Warburtons have come to the rescue again and have a fantastic selection of delicious breads to choose from on their website.

At ease – now get to the kitchen!

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