Auction House Secrets for World of Warcraft Gamers

Authored by Michael Grisso in Online Games
Published on 01-20-2009

The number one secret that really shouldn’t be anymore is downloading the Auctioneer add on. This shows various stats, helps with determining pricing values, and even tells you what a particular item is for and the class that uses it most. So before we do anything else, head over to Curse and get this added to your WoW files so you can add a little money to your bank account on the game.

Okay, now that you have access to all the information about 75% of the WoW heads have, it is time to tell you which items seem to work best. Then of course the ones that don’t get a lot of action. The best thing you can sell is those things that everyone needs. Kind of like the real world how we all need to eat and drink, on World of Warcraft game we all need pouches and armor. However, we would lean towards the pouches first because everyone will understand the importance of an 8-slot, 10, 12, 14 or even 18 and 20 slot bags. Plus the profit is ridiculous.

You will also notice that the mats it takes to create such things can be pricey as well. Since things like Linen Cloth, Leather, and Silk Cloths are needed for pouches, cloth armor, and boots, it is important to find good deals on these. If you do you can either resell them for the proper amount of profit or go build up one of your professions. Just make sure you come back and sell whatever you end up making.

Another important aspect is finding specific sellers. The ones you want to look for are those who are continually selling items for far less then what someone would pay. You can search for them at the AH, but try not to buy them out completely. A little here, a little there and they won’t realize they are just selling for cheap. However, if you purchase 25 Battle of Agility Axes at the same time they will wonder why. Then it will dawn on them and you will have to go elsewhere for good deals.

Last but not least, always watch the market for each item you list. There isn’t anything worse then putting Boots up for 65 silver, then finding out there are 3 other pairs there for 30. You definitely won’t sell those unless all four are under priced. In the end, just be on your game when you head to the AH. If you treat it like a business you will end up making a substantial amount of gold there in no time.


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