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August 2017 Giveaway Winner and a Standing Desk Accessory


Happy giveaway winner announcement day!  Recently I’ve been having some pretty painful issues related to a pinched nerve and compressed disc in my back so I’ve been looking at lots of different things related to building core strength and helping to keep the back muscles strong.  Surprisingly I came across something that is even related to office supplies and your desk, assuming you use a standing desk.  A few of the reviews mentioned that people noticed less pain from standing at their desk all day, and I’d have to assume that continual moving to keep balanced keeps plenty of your muscles working to maintain good balance and posture, but I’m not a doctor so there is a good chance that I’m 100% wrong. 🙂  I’m not here to provide medical advice, just to share cool office supplies, so take that into consideration while you check this thing out, it look pretty cool and is kind of intriuging, might be worth a shot.  Check it out here on Huckberry.

Today we are giving away two previously reviewed items! One is the set of MyLifeUNIT Fine Line Drawing Pens (via Amazon) and the second is the set of cool Mini Trash and Recycle bins (also via Amazon) for storage on your desk. You can also see the review for the MyLifeUNIT Fine Liners here and the Mini Trash and Recycle Bins here.  The good news is that if you are Katrina Rose then you don’t have to worry about reviews and where to buy these, because you just won these!  If thats you, just reply to the email that everyone recieved in their in box this morning, or use the about/contact link below to get in touch so we can ship you your winnings!  For those of you still not entered for these twice monthly giveaways, you can do so here.

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