Aurebesh: Google Translate Offers Star Wars Language

UPDATE: Google’s Aurebesh Translator No Longer Available

Well, if that don’t beat all. There I was, updating this post about the Aurebesh translator available via Google Translate when wham!—I discovered that the tool has been deprecated.

Below is the original article from December 2, 2015. If you’re still looking for an Aurebesh translator, try this one from

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Recently, In a Google Interface Near You…

An Aurebesh translator is now available to nerds like you and me. (Well, it’s available to anyone, but c’mon—how many people are looking for it?)

Google Translate, that ultra-fast but far-from-good translation tool, now offers Aurebesh among its slate of languages.

According to Wookieepedia, Aurebesh is the name of the writing system used to convey the Basic language in the Star Wars universe. The name of the language comes from the first two letters, Aurek and Besh. The letter Aurek represents the letter A in Basic, while Besh represents B (see below).


A chart of the Aurebesh language, now available from Google Translate for all your intergalactic needs.

Google’s Aurebesh Translator: More Than Just Geek Cred?

So why would Google do this? Well, other than showing off its geek cred, it’s a tie-in to the newest movie in the franchise,  Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film hits theaters on December 18 in the U.S.

But that’s not all the search giant has done: if you go to Google’s home page and type in the phrase  a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, you’ll get your results returned to you in the same screen crawl used in the movies. (Star Wars fans, you know what I’m talking about.)

Do you actually need a text translated into this obscure, fictional language? Probably not. But if you’re like me, your curiosity will get the best of you and you’ll be visiting Google Translate sometime soon to try it out.

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