Virginia Woolf: “Language is…”

“Language is wine upon the lips.” —Virginia Woolf   Virginia Woolf was an English modernist writer, perhaps best known for her essay A Room of One’s Own. Listen to the only existing recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice via the BBC.

Nonbreaking spaces in Microsoft Word

Nonbreaking spaces: What are they? Using nonbreaking spaces in Microsoft Word can be very helpful. We’ll teach you how to type them in this post. A nonbreaking space is a character that has the same width as a word space but prevents an undesirable line break. For example, would you rather read 4.6 million as […]

Donald Trump: Language ignorance on proud display

Donald Trump is no poster child for cross-cultural awareness. In the span of two weeks, he has managed to offend large swaths of the populace and again out himself as—how do I put this diplomatically?—an ignorant, arrogant jackass who has no business near the Oval Office. Trump mocks Asians On August 25, while speaking to […]

“The single biggest problem in communication…”

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” —George Bernard Shaw   "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." —G.B. Shaw #greatquotes — Matthew Kushinka (@Matthew_RedLine) September 4, 2015

Selecting text in Word documents

Selecting text in Word documents Selecting text in Word documents is something you probably do every day. But are you doing it efficiently? People who work with text a lot—editors, translators, and writers, to name a few—can benefit from selecting text in Word documents without taking six mouse clicks to do it. In each case […]

Certified translation

certified translation

Certified translation in the U.S. Certified translation services are in demand. Clients often need a certified translation for USCIS, acceptance to an educational institution, or other government uses. But in the U.S. there is no an official definition of certified translation. Still, you can have a translation “certified” in the U.S. Confused? See the FAQ […]

How to convert European dates to US dates in Word

How to convert European dates to US dates in Word: Overview Do you want to know how to convert European dates to US dates in Word? Look no further. Just follow the steps below. If you’re not sure how to convert European dates to US dates in Word, rest easy. It’s a fairly straightforward process […]

Client profile: iskn

What is iskn? Iskn is a tech company based in Grenoble, France. In the company’s own words, “We’re a group of engineers, designers, and free spirits who love creating beautiful tools and experiences for artists, visual thinkers, and pen and paper lovers everywhere.” Maker of the Slate, iskn is a tech company based in France. […]

What language should I learn?

What language should I learn? | Introduction “What language should I learn?” you’re asking yourself. That’s a fair question. After all, with thousands of languages spoken in the world (an estimated 6,500), you’ve got options. But you’re probably not thinking about learning Igbo, Hmong, or Cree—though it would be admirable if you did. Instead, you’ve […]

Survey translation services

Survey translation services: The challenge Good survey translation services help you reach your target audience. Without having your survey translated well, you put your data at risk. After all, if the questions are inaccurately translated, what good are the answers? You might be asking the wrong questions. Questions to ask before purchasing survey translation services […]

RedLine welcomes new project manager

Emily Smith

In June 2015, RedLine hired Emily Smith as a project manager. A native of New Mexico, Emily has a multicultural background and training in French-to-English translation. Both of these attributes, along with excellent writing and speaking skills in two languages, made her the ideal RedLine candidate. Emily Smith, RedLine’s new project manager   When asked […]

Languages spoken in Ireland

languages spoken in ireland

Languages spoken in Ireland: Overview Of the languages spoken in Ireland, English is the most used by far. However, Irish is the national language and is used as a second language throughout the country. Scots, Shelta, and Irish Sign Language are also used on the Emerald Isle. A 1922 postage stamp with the Irish words […]

Converting European number formats in Microsoft Word

Converting European number formats in Microsoft Word: Overview Thinking of converting European number formats in Microsoft Word? Good. RedLine has you covered. See the steps here. Converting European number formats in Microsoft Word involves the following: evaluating the numeric strings in your document using regular expressions in Word’s Find/Replace feature to find all instances of […]

Client profile: Redi-Rock


What is Redi-Rock? Based in Charlevoix, Michigan, Redi-Rock makes retaining wall systems that support roads, protect against erosion and flooding, and create space in backyards. The company uses large blocks, some weighing over two tons, to create immovable walls for structural and aesthetic needs. Redi-Rock began in 1999, when three brothers who owned a heavy […]

Australians like to abbreviate

On July 15, 2015, the Guardian shared a great video that was put together by a couple of Australian blokes. In it, one man says a word (e.g., “breakfast”) and the other man says its shortened form (e.g., “brekky”). The quick edits make for a fast-paced tour of Australian slang, and the video is made […]

Client profile: AngelSpan

What is AngelSpan? Based in Austin, Texas, AngelSpan provides professional Investor Relations via curated Monthly Updates, Quarterly Reports, and single-milestone Announcements between its clients and their stakeholders and investors. AngelSpan’s clients are other funded startup companies—some in financial technology, others in mobile app development, still others in shipping or moving. In short, if a young […]

RedLine’s website: jetzt auf Deutsch!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Matthew Kushinka (616) 855-4044 RedLine’s Website Now Available in German; German Stocks Up Sharply Company Translates Home and About Pages, Opens Doors to Transatlantic Commerce GRAND RAPIDS, M.I., June 23, 2015 — RedLine Language Services LLC has rolled out the German-language version of its website, bringing the site’s total number of […]

2015 Grand Rapids Triathlon race brochure

grand rapids triathlon

2015 Grand Rapids Triathlon: Race brochure Tris4Health, the organizer of the 2015 Grand Rapids Triathlon, asked RedLine once again to edit its race brochure. The working relationship between our organization and the Grand Rapids Triathlon goes back to 2012. The cover for the 2015 Grand Rapids Triathlon race brochure. (Click to enlarge.) Whenever we’re asked […]

The Ledyard Building: RedLine’s new location

Ledyard Building

The Ledyard Building: RedLine’s new downtown office The Ledyard Building is RedLine’s new home. Located at 125 Ottawa Avenue NW in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Ledyard Building is the city’s second oldest commercial building. It is owned by CWD Real Estate Investment and is home to multiple businesses, including economic development company The Right […]

Document formatting services

document formatting

Our document formatting services turn your report, manual, or white paper into a professional product. A properly formatted document not only looks good—it’s also easier to read. (We also offer copyediting services for clients who prefer one-stop shopping.) See a partial checklist of the steps that we take when you hire us for document formatting […]