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Autumn beauty sweaterdo you want to buy?

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/7/2012

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Each girl will have several sweaters, because it can be seen from the autumn through winter. This sweater out of a lot of fashion style in the fall, our wholesale china clothing online shop will offer all kinds of sweaters for girls, now you can come here to choose it.

Twist needle weave let the sweater full of stereo and enhanced the sense of warm, in which the retro nostalgic atmosphere clearly. The large collar with the simple white shirt is a popular wholesale fashion dressing.

A soft yarn winding between became cloaked shape, knitted materials cloak is rare. The A font outline for waist and abdomen fat have disappeared without a trace. The neckline and hem black thick edge stitching, let black leather gloves and black pants with a more harmonious.

Well-proportioned triangle color, make solid sweaters with rich changes. Slim braided, let the sweater will fit completely in the body, as the inner clothing dress can make coat profile display unaffected. With the skirt, trousers are nice.

Pine needle type plush fabric, looked warm and full, like a cunning orange rabbit, waiting for his embrace and love. Chest black bow, as color to enrich the whole level. Can be directly when the dress to wear, also can be used as inner.

With ethnic style of printing, make sweater adds a bit of chic and beautiful charming, worn alone or within the ride will not be mediocre. Slim but not tight profile, let waist hip line has been optimized. The skirt on two coat pocket, cute. With a sweater chain more attractive.

Mysterious and elegant purple sweater, with a calm atmosphere within a black, female mature elegance foiled. Match the trousers waist design sense, urban stylish female images vividly, suitable for office occupation dress up.

Black leopard with macular leopard, somewhat more stable, less publicity and wild, are relatively easy to navigate. Scoop is simple, and easy to match, slightly relaxed style, coupled with a simple jeans can collocate with and frank.

The elegant wedding dress can be used as cardigan and also can be used as inner sweater, which is practical and easy to match. And Pineapple pattern knitting method is also very popular in the recent in our shoes online shop.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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