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Availability for Some Frequently Requested Items


Not many folks are around due to the holidays, so I’m doing some catch up work with the blog and additional research.  Two things I always get a ton of questions about are the jumbo binder clips and the purple and orange Sharpie pens, so with that in mind, I wanted to share the links below with everyone.  The reviews themselves have also been updated to include the appropriate links if you are interested in buying either item.  I’ve got plenty of stuff sitting here waiting to get reviewed and posted too, but in fairness to some of the stores and manufacturers that supplied them, I will be holding off until just after the holidays, but I will continue to post on my regular schedule with some other items of interest.


1. Purple and Orange Sharpie Pens (review here) are available on Amazon right now, but still not in their own individual packages.

2. Jumbo binder clips (review here) are also available on Amazon now.

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