Average Cost of a Wedding in 2009


Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding 
Published on 12-16-2009

A wedding is one of the most important moments in a person’s life. Thus, it’s no surprise that weddings are pricey events. Not only does a person have to pay for their wedding dress and tuxedo, but there are invitations, reception venues, food, favors, and programs to consider, among many other expenses. This is why people either spend a few years saving for their big day or they go into debt putting on the wedding of their dreams. In 2009, the average cost of a wedding was $21,500.

Though this may make you want to stop in your tracks and swear off marriage for life, it’s important to know that this number is down $6,000 from what weddings cost in 2007. Today, with the unpredictable world economy, people are looking to cut costs every way they can. The following are some of the contributing factors to a wedding’s cost. Keep these costs in mind when planning your own wedding and look for corners to cut so that you don’t have to completely empty your bank account to host the wedding of your dreams.

Food is a major expense at any wedding. Not only do you have to invest in wedding reception appetizers or entrees, but there is the wedding cake to consider. In fact, the cake itself can be an easy grand if not more. After all, no one wants to have a wedding reception only to realize that they don’t have enough food to feed everyone. If you’re looking to cut costs, see if your loved ones can help make some of the food for the event. Even if people make finger sandwiches, you could save quite a bit of money.

The wedding reception venue is another huge expense. After all, you need a space that is large enough for your loved ones to have a good time. To cut costs, many people are opting to have receptions in loved one’s homes or outdoors in local park pavilions or beaches. The reception venue needs to be a space that can comfortable fit the guest list and has things like outlets and a dance floor if a person plans on having music for the event.

Timing is everything. There are certain times during the year that are considered peak season for weddings. For example, many people decide to get married in the fall. Thus, when it comes time to do everything from invest in a wedding cake to book and pay for a wedding reception venue, the costs may be higher during this time. Cost-conscious couples can save thousands of dollars if they choose a wedding date that is considered off-season.

Flowers are another major expense for weddings. There are those for the wedding ceremony and those that are used for wedding decorations for the ceremony and for the reception. Think about trying to reuse some of the flowers from the ceremony if you’re looking to cut costs. Similarly, ask around to see if people have fake flowers in their attics or storage. You could use these for decorations and use the real flowers for the ceremony and for things like bouquets.


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