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Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes Review of this Improved Sticky Note


Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes

Today we have one more great new sticky note product from Avery, which is their new Lay Flat Sticky Note.  Previously we showed you their perforated sticky notes and see through sticky notes, so lets take a look at this third offering that adds adds a new and unique feature to your standard sticky note.


Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes in Pastel Yellow, Blue, and Green

The Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes are the same 3″x3″ standard size that you are used to with your normal sticky notes, and they come in multiple colors including the pastels that you see pictured here and also a bright colored version.


Avery Lay Flat Sticky Notes Double Sticky Strips

The thing that makes these sticky notes different is their ability to not curl up or have the ends of them lift up and float off the surface of where you placed them.  The way that these sticky notes hold their ground is by the extra strip of sticky material placed on the back.  In the photo above you can see the strip on the right (with my pen markings) which is the normal placement.  To the left of it there is a thinner strip that runs along the bottom half of the note.  Pretty simple, yet pretty effective when it comes to making sure that your sticky note stays put.

My biggest concern when I saw these was that they might suffer from some writing troubles.  I know with some standard sticky notes, you can have a hard time writing on the front.  This is usually because the sticky residue left behind prevents you from laying down a good line of ink with a ballpoint pen.  I am happy to report that this was not an issue at all with these, and writing with gel ink pens and ballpoint pens was not a problem at all.  The Lay Flat Sticky Note from Avery are a great idea.  They seem to work pretty well, so definitely check them out if you have ever had issues with sticky notes that just don’t lay the way  you want them to.

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