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Avery Note Tabs Heart and Apple Shapes Fun Office Supplies


Avery Note Tabs Hearts and Apples Package

This is just a quick post today because I came across these Avery Note Tabs at my local Staples and I grabbed a set just to get a closer look at them.  I never saw what I’d consider “novelty” shapes before with this product before so I was tempted to check them out.  We have reviewed Avery Note Tabs in the past and they are pretty awesome.  They hold up well to many pens, they are repositionable multiple times, and they are very durable.  These qualities are what we would expect from someone like Avery with their history of making such great office supplies.


Avery Note Tabs Hearts and Apples

So as you can see, there is a pretty simple concept here with these Avery Note Tabs.  There is a heart shape and an apple shape, on each of these, the left hand side is the clear sticky portion, and the right hand side is the colored portion that you can write on.  The shapes are pretty generic and easily recognized by just about anyone.


Avery Note Tabs Hearts and Apples Package Notebook Open

Once you put these in your favorite notebook to divvy up your pages into subjects, here is what they look like.  Disappointingly though, half an apple looks a lot like half a heart.  That doesn’t detract from the fact that these are another high quality offering from our friends at Avery.  I do wish they had more fun shapes with these.  As a guy I’d love to see some baseball, football, and basketball shaped tabs like this.  Are there any other shapes that you would like to see in these cool office supplies that would make them more appealing for you?

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