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Avery Note Tabs See Through


Avery Note Tabs Package

So I think I’m a sucker for anything that helps to modify or accessorize a notebook in a way to make it more useful.  These (hard to photograph) Avery Note Tabs are just such an item though, so naturally I had to give them a try.


Avery Note Tabs Out of Package

I can be pretty indecisive when it comes to how I organize my notebooks, one day I might decide to do it by project, another day I might decide that maybe I should change to doing things in a chronological order, so having the ability to swap around divider tabs and re-use them is a pretty big deal for me.  Even if you aren’t as indecisive as me, you might just be looking for a quick and easy way to tag pages in a book or magazine without damaging the pages, and these Note Tabs from Avery do an excellent job of that.  I’ve used these on multiple different types of paper, and over multiple types of different inks, and after removing them several times, they always seemed to adhere right back where they came from without damage to the paper, or removal of any underlying inks.  The surface area that affixes to your pages is translucent so you don’t ever have to worry about placing the tab over important text and potentially blocking it.


Avery Note Tabs Sample in a Levenger Circa Notebook

Because the Levenger Circa system is my notebook of choice, I am just showing a quick sample of one of the Avery Note Tabs in there, but you can use them on nearly anything.  I would suggest doing a test stick and remove on whatever surface you decide you are going to use these on though because the package does warn that results may vary based on the types of paper and ink these are used with.  In addition to the adhesive holding up well to multiple placements and removals, the plastic-like material used for the translucent body of these Note Tabs is also very durable.  Each tab also has a half-moon shape colored edge that you can write on with most pens.

There are multiple colors of these tabs available, so you can even do a fairly good deal of color coding with them in your notes.  It is kind of hard to write much about such a simple (yet highly effective) product like these, but I just wanted to share them with you today because these Avery Note Tabs are just one of those items that I feel like everyone should have a few of on hand at all times, just in case.

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