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Avery Perforated Sticky Notes for an organized office


Avery Perforated Sticky Notes

I’m pretty impressed with the many quality products from Avery lately that are not just labels.  I found these Avery Perforated Sticky Notes the other day while shopping on Amazon.  I thought they sounded like a great concept so I figured they would make for a good review.  We have received other free products from Avery for review before but that is not the case with today’s review.  These were purchased by me and with no influence from Avery products.


The Avery Perforated Sticky Notes in Orange, Green and Yellow

The pack that I picked up came with 3 individual pads of 45 sheets each in orange, green, and yellow.  Each measures 4″ x 6″ and they do come in other colors including purple.  The top margin of the pad without the lines measures about 15/16″ and is where the sticky backing is.  The remainder the non-sticky part of the paper measures 4″ x 5 1/16″.


Avery Perforated Sticky Notes Writing Sample

One of the issues that you sometimes run into with sticky pads is that the very top where the adhesive comes into contact with the sheet behind it is hard to write on.  This is not the case with these perforated sticky notes from Avery.  I was able to write fine with a ballpoint and a Sharpie pen.  The only thing I noticed was that it does take a slight bit longer for the ink to dry on that top part. There is also a tendency for the line of the pen to be a bit thinner on this part of the paper because it is not absorbed and spread into the paper as easily.

Thee ability to peel off the sheet and use it as a sticky note, or to tear it off a the perforation provides great flexibility.  It allows the option of only needing to have one note pad taking up valuable real estate on your desk or in a drawer. I’m glad I found these Avery Perforated Sticky Notes because they have definitely been a helpful item to have on hand here in my home office.  They also offer some nice flexibility and help to save a little space on my desk.  Thanks for stopping by to check out yet another bunch of cool office supplies today.

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