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Avery PocketTabs and NoteTabs Review


Avery PocketTabs  and NoteTabs

As I mentioned before, the nice folks over at Avery sent me over a package of really cool office supplies to review a little while ago.  Mostly I think Avery is known for their labeling products, so these page divider tabs were a nice surprise to me when I saw them.  This package included some of the new Avery PocketTabs and NoteTabs which you can find at Amazon here and here.


The Avery PocketTab and NoteTab out of their respective packaging

Normally I only do one product review per post, but I decided to write up the review for the PocketTabs and the NoteTabs together because they are somewhat similar in nature being that they are both slightly different versions of page divider tabs.  The picture above shows one of the PocketTabs and the stack of NoteTabs.  The PocketTabs come in a package of 5 and measure 5 1/8″ x 8 5/16, while the NoteTabs come in a pack of 20 and measure 3″ x 3 1/2″.  Both items come in various other shapes, sizes, and colors, but for the most part function the same way.  Each of these two items have an adhesive backing that is pretty strong, and can be repositioned multiple times.  I wouldnt suggest constantly moving them, but they can definitely be moved around a few times.


Avery NoteTab placed on a page in my Levenger Circa notebook

The first thing I did with the Avery NoteTabs was to place one on the page of my Levenger Circa notebook to see how they held up on that paper, and how the ink under it reacted.  Overall I was very pleased with how the NoteTabs worked, and how easy it was to write on the tab, and also the translucent plastic part of it as well.  Both parts of the surface (the tab and the body) handled ink very well, I tried the Sharpie Pen, a Uniball Uniball JetStream, and a Uniball Signo and given about 2 seconds to dry, they stayed on the surface without any smudges or smearing.  The cool part that I didnt even think of until I read the package again was that you can also highlight on the body of these.  Now the version I have came with a translucent green body, so highlighting doesnt make much sense, but there are some versions with clear bodies, so they are perfect if you want to highlight over them.

I tried moving this around on the page a few times, and the stickiness of the backing held up very well, the only thing you want to be careful of is that when you remove it from a page it might warp or curl the paper just a bit if you dont take it off carefully.  The adhesive is hard to explain, its more gummy than it is sticky, so there is no need to worry about it ripping whatever you stick it to.  It is also nice that if you place this over ink, and then remove it, the ink does not stick to the adhesive part of the NoteTab.

I think these are a great way to add sections to your notebook, subdivide a multi-subject notebook, or as I just realized now, I might use them to add monthly tabs to my Levenger Daily Planner archive so its easier to navigate.  Either way I am sure that there are a ton of other useful and creative ways that these can be used.


Avery PocketTab with a CD inserted, affixed to a Levenger Circa notebook page

The next item is the Avery PocketTab which acts similar to the NoteTabs, but it also provides some secure storage space for a CD/DVDs, business card, receipts, index cards, or any number of other small flat items that you may want to keep with your notes.  The pockets have two semi circular flaps that tuck into a slot to keep the flap of the pocket closed.  The PocketTabs have the same gummy backing that keeps the pocket securely fastened to any notebook page or divider, and they can also be adjusted and moved if need be.  Just like the NoteTabs, these have a tab with a paper-like surface that can be written on with just about any pen, but again in the sample above I just used a Sharpie Pen.

I’m really pleased with these unique page divider tabs from Avery, because as I said before, Avery has always been synonymous with just labels for me, so this is not a product I expected to see from them.  This was a good reminder to keep your eyes open because you never know where you can find some truly unique office supplies, and in these case they aren’t just unique, but they are also very practical and for the short time that I’ve had them, I can say that the quality seems to be fantastic as well.  Grab your own PocketTabs and NoteTabs to help keep yourself a bit more organized.

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