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Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets for InkJet Printers

Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets InkJet Printing

I purchased these Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets for your InkJet printer (via Amazon) a few weeks ago, and wanted to test one specific issue I’ve seen reported with them.  Some of the Amazon reviews claimed that they didn’t stick well and that they tend to curl. My curious nature made me want to check this out for myself so we decided to grab some for a review.

Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets Package

As the package of the Avery Magnetic Sheets states, there are five magnetic sheets that measure 8 1/2″ x 11″ that are compatible with your InkJet printer.  They are plain white sheets with magnetic backing and have no pre-cut marks or anything like that.  You can cut them into any shape after you have printed on them, or you can leave them in their original shape if you want.

Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets Blank

The sheets are packaged in a thin cardboard envelope.  I assume the packaging helps to avoid the curling issue that some users have stated that they see.  You can tell from the photo above that when they were new there was no curling of any corners or edges to be seen.  The image that you see in the first post is just a print of our website logo.  The paper holds inkjet ink well and it dried quickly.  There were no issues with the paper feeding from the paper tray which was one of my concerns since these are thicker than normal paper.

Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets Curling

After about four to five days of sitting on my counter the corners did begin to curl slightly as you can see above.  Interestingly enough, the curling did not happen on the piece of the label that I stuck on my refrigerator.  The refrigerator label is the first small one you see with the website logo on it.  After being on the refrigerator for about a week now, the label didn’t show any curling at all.  If you are going to use these I would suggest keeping them in the package or between something flat that will help prevent the curling until you need to use them.  I would also warn that they are not the strongest magnets in the world.  In my testing the Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets were strong enough to hold an index card but that was about their limit.

Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets in summary.

Overall the Avery Printable Magnetic Sheets for your InkJet printer (via Amazon) are not too bad.  There are some obvious issues with the curling but that might not be an issue depending on how you plan on using them.  Personally I didn’t have a specific use for these but for just printing a picture and sticking it on the fridge worked just fine.  Overall this is not a bad product from Avery.  Its pretty convenient and cool that you can just crank out custom printed magnets, so I still give them the stamp of approval for their cool factor.  I will keep my eye out for some other brands to see if they have similar issues though.

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