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Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad

The Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad

So I think I mentioned before when I posted the Avery $5000 Organizational Makeover, that I never thought of labels as being particularly exciting.  I have to be honest here, after trying the removable file folder pad, Ive change my mind, and these really do fit into my classification of being some pretty unique office supplies.


Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad Opened Showing the Backing

So a closer look at the opened package of the Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad shows one of the immediate benefits of this product.  I’ve used labels like this before, and one of the most frustrating things is that they usually come in sheets, and storage becomes a little bit of a problem once you start using them.  You can usually shove them back in the box of folder that they came in, but for some reason I just feel like that opens up the door for getting them banged up and/or damaged somehow.  I really like how these are on a small compact pad that allows you to just use one, rip it off, stuff it in a drawer, and move on.


Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad Lift Off Tab

Writing on these labels is very easy, with the pad style providing for a nice thick backing to press against while you write.  The thing that is a nice additional touch though is the little non-stick tab at the end that you see flipped up in the photo above that makes it easy to peel off.  The portion that flips up that you can see above has a perforation on it so that once you pull it off of the pad to affix to your folder, the tab rips off and you have a nice neat and clean label left over for your folder.


Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad on Folder

Once you write on the label and remove it from the pad, it affixes pretty easily to the folder tab.  The nice thing is that you dont have to worry about placing it on there a little bit crooked, because you can always take it off and try again to get it perfectly straight.  You will have to excuse my photo with the shadows above, but I wanted to mention that I used my Sharpie Retractable Pen to write on this label, and it worked out really well.  No smearing, no bleeing, and it seems to have dried almost instantly.


Avery Removable File Folder Label Pad Moved to the Next Tab

Once you have your label written out and affixed to your folder tab, you are usually pretty much done…but not here with these labels.  Once you realize that you have screwed up, or that you just want to change your mind, these labels peel off effortlessly, and can be reapplied to a new tab without worry that they wont stick flatly or will start to curl at the corners.  They lay down flat as if they had never been used before, so feel free to change your mind a few times and not have to worry about wasting a bunch of folders or labels trying to remove them.

With this package of removable labels that I am showing you here, you get 160 labels (4o each of 4 different colors) for about $3.80 which may not be the cheapest labels  you can get, but I think they might be the most cost efficient.  Once you start to reuse them you will quickly realize how much you save by not having to use new labels or new folders because you have destroyed one by trying to remove them.  Again, its a little surprising to find some basic lables to be so much better than their regular and almost tired old self, so if you are in the market for new labels, these are an excellent option.

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