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Avery Removable Label Pads Restickable labels


Avery Removable Label Pads

Some office supplies are harder to get excited about than other.  Sometimes you have to look past the surface to see what is under the surface to make them really cool.  These Avery Removable Label Pads are one of those office supplies that may seem boring at first.  Once you get to use them you will immediately recognize how valuable they can be.  These were sent to us for review by our friends over at Avery.  This should stand as our standard disclaimer so nobody thinks our integrity is being bought off for some $3 Avery removable label pads.


Avery Removable Labels with a Non-Stick Tab

Looking at the Avery Removable Label Pads:

These 2″x4″ removable labels come on a cardboard backed pad and each one has its own non-stick tab to make it easier to remove.  You should note that you have to be very careful about how they are removed from the pad.  If you pull them off at a sharp angle you will end up with a curled corner that won’t lay flat.  In our case the Avery removable label pads come with neon orange and green borders.


Avery Removable Label on a Notebook Cover

After carefully peeling the label off I applied one to the front cover of my Miquelrius Notebook.  As you can see in the photo above I also left the non-adhesive tab attached so you could see it there too.  I removed the entire sticker from the cover of the notebook and re-applied it 15 times.  This caused no noticeable decrease in the adhesive qualities that it displayed.  The writing on the label was done with a Sharpie Pen Grip.  The ink dried instantly which is good because typically when applying a label the first thing you do is rub your finger across it to make it stick.  If you are doing that then you don’t want the ink to smear.  Thankfully these Avery removable label pads passed that test with flying colors.


Avery Removable Label Pad on the Spine of a Notebook

One thing I did to test the adhesive properties of the Avery Removable Labels pads was to re-apply them along the notebook spine as seen above.  This test put extra stress on the adhesive by running it lengthwise on a narrow surface.  It definitely held up well under this stressful test.  I tested these labels and their reusable properties on multiple surfaces.  The only thing that seemed to be a challenge were plastic textured notebook covers that you find on 5-Star Notebooks or Black n Red Notebooks.  Everything else seemed to stick and re-stick quite nicely.  These are one of those cool office supplies that you should definitely have on hand.  You may not have an immediate need for them but they can be helpful in many situations.  Thanks again to our friends from Avery for providing these Removable Label Pads to review.  We look forward to working with them again in the future on some of their excellent labeling products.

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