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Avery Seethrough Sticky Notes are Cool Office Supplies


Avery See-through Sticky Notes

These may look like your average sticky notes, but take a closer look, they are actually see-through sticky notes by Avery.  Thats right, you cant tell from the package shot here, but they are actually transparent with yellow and pink hues to them.


Avery See-through Sticky Notes Pink and Yellow

The bright yellow and pink coloring along with the arrow shape (also available in traditional squares) make these see-through sticky notes quite an eye-catching and effective tool.  An interesting benefit in addition to their transparent quality is that these are also incredibly difficult to rip.  This means that they can be very durable if you leave them sticking out of the edge of your book a bit.


Avery See-through Sticky Notes in a Book

One of the more practical uses for these is to help take notes in a book.  In the past I’ve used non-transparent versions of these to jot down notes in a book, but the obvious disadvantage to that is that they block all of the text under them….not these see-through sticky notes from Avery though.  I did try moving these around a bit too and they seem to retain their adhesive backing quite well.  Even after about 15-20 moves, they still stuck nicely to the paper without feeling like they may fall off.


Avery See-through Sticky Notes Inks

The back of the package on these clearly state that you should use ballpoints, permanent markers, and pencil with them but I couldn’t resist testing a few other things as you can see above.  From my testing, ballpoint pens are the way to go with these.  Between the standard square versions and the arrow versions, these are a fun and practical way to enhance your note taking experience.  Although I didn’t really associate Avery with this type of product in the past, its good to see that they are doing such a good job of expanding the types of products that they offer so we have more cool office supplies to pick from.

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