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Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology


Avery White Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology

Its hard to do much thats exciting with shipping labels, but to tell you the truth, what Avery has done with their TrueBlock technology is pretty cool as far as office supplies go.  Id even say that because of what Avery has done with these Shipping Labels these are environmentally friendly in their own way.

The cool part about these Avery shipping labels is that you can use them directly over a shipping label from any box or package that you already have and the printing from the old label wont show through.  I tried this on an old box that I have and the results were definitely impressive because in the past I’ve tried to reuse boxes like this, but couldnt because the old address showed through, and when I manhandled the box and tried to peel the label off, I ended up ruining the flap.


An old box with an old shipping label waiting for the new Avery label

So lets take a look at how these Avery labels actually work.  Above is a photo of an old box that I have with an old shipping label that I’ve obviously blacked out with a Sharpie and then blurred with Photoshop.  The Avery labels supposedly will cover this label and not show any remnants of the old printing on the old label.


Back side of the Avery Shipping Label with TrueBlock technology

I think the thing that makes these labels so hard to see through is that be back side of them has a dense gray background to block you from being able to see through the typically more transparent regular labels.  One interesting thing about these labels though is that they do have a little bit of a smell to them, nothing overpowering, but something that I’ve never noticed in a label before.


Avery White Shipping Label TrueBlock applied to an old box

It is probably hard to tell from the photo, but once the label was applied over the old shipping label, it was literally impossible to see through to the old one.  Again, I’ve had this problem before when I tried to sell some items on eBay, I figured Id try to reuse an old box, but I ended up destroying the old box trying to remove the label, these Avery Labels have be absolutely convinced that I can now reuse boxes with no worries of the old label showing through.

Again, shipping labels dont usually strike me as something that would qualify as being a cool or unique office supply, but the minor addition of a darker backside on the label not only make these labels much more practical, but they also help the environment by making old boxes or envelops reusable.  Definitely check out these Avery labels with TrueBlock technology if you are in the market for some new shipping labels, and if you have some old boxes that you want to put to good use again.

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