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Avery Slide and View Expanding File Folder


Avery Slide and View Folder Outside

The Avery Slide and View Expanding File Folder (via Amazon) is a unique folder that tries to make your life and organizing a little more efficient.  Its hard to come across innovative folders or filing products, so this is one I definitely wanted to take a closer look at.

Avery Slide and View Folder Closed Side View

From the side, the Avery Slide and View looks a bit like a standard accordion folder, but it definitely offers a little less storage capacity in comparison, but the trade off is having a more flexible option that allows quick and easy access to your paperwork.  This is designed for standard 8.5″ x 11″ (or smaller) papers and has 5 folders within it.  The plastic material used throughout feels pretty sturdy, although its is pretty thin.  One thing I was happy about was the feel of the elastic loop that holds the whole thing closed.  Sometimes you can feel a piece of elastic and immediately sense that it probably won’t hold up, but this thick rounded band feels pretty substantial and like its up to the task of frequent use.


Avery Slide and View Folder Inside

Once you open up this expanding file folder, each of the pockets slides very smoothly down with cascading motion to reveal your documents.  The cut out on each edge of the pockets is a nice touch because it allows you to see enough of your documents to visually identify whats in each pocket since there are no tabs to lable the contents of each pocket.  The only downfall here is if you have similar looking forms or documents in each folder.  You will have to remember the order you have them in, or pull them out to see exactly whats in there.  Each of the 5 pockets inside the Avery Slide and View is capable of holding up to 40 sheets of paper, although I found that loading it up to the max like that gave it a little bit of a bulky awkward feel.


Avery Slide and View Hanging

One additional thing you can do with the Avery Slide and View Expanding File Folder is to hang it on a cubicle wall or any other area and use it as a place to store frequently accessed documents.  As long as you don’t put too much weight on it, it seems like the elastic is up to the task of hanging around like this.  Overall its a pretty durable and sturdy product so I feel like it should hold up like this.  If you’ve been looking for a way add give yourself quicker and easier access to your frequently used files, this is a safe bet considering its $5 price tag, so grab one at Amazon and see how it works out for you.

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