Avoiding a Shark Attack Shark Safety 101

Every person who has ever dipped a toe into the ocean to swim has thought about sharks and the potential danger to some degree. The odds of you being attacked by a shark are incredibly long, and you are at far more risk of drowning. Still, it is a good idea to know some basic tips to limit the chances of a shark attack if you are to swim in the ocean. Here are some basic tips to limit your risk of being attacked by a shark in the ocean.

The biggest thing to remember is that sharks are predatory. They are hunting for their natural food sources. That said, stay out of the water during the early morning and night hours. Sharks are at their highest activity level, and you will have even more problems seeing them coming. Also, it is best to swim in a group. If you are out by yourself, you are a much more likely target than you would be in a group.

Stay close to shore as you have your fun. The farther out you go, the more you are risking a dangerous encounter. Surely sharks will attack in any depth of water, but you will be farther away from the assistance you might need in an attack. Also, sharks tend to hang around the areas where the depth levels change. This is because other fish congregate in these areas, and sharks are hunting them.

Your attire is actually a pretty big factor in shark attacks as well. Do not wear shiny jewelry, or bright colors. This can make you appear to be more like their natural prey, and the shiny jewelry can reflect light just like a fishes scales. Also, if you are bleeding or menstruating, you should not get in the ocean. Sharks can smell blood incredibly easy, and it does attract them to you.

Avoid heavily fished areas. These areas often have castoffs and leftovers from the day’s catch, and will attract all the scavengers of the ocean. Sharks will often lurk in an area where there was food earlier.

Leave spot at home. Allowing your pet to enter the ocean is just plain dangerous for him and you. The sounds of a dog swimming are very much like an animal in trouble. This will draw any sharks in the area. Also, you should refrain from making a ton of noise when you are swimming. Splashing, and raising cain is fun, but it attracts sharks the same way that a dog does. Save that fun stuff for the hotel swimming pool.

Finally, avoid all areas where sharks have been sighted. This is common sense, but you would be amazed at how many people will swim anyway. Use common sense!

Shark attacks are super rare, and you really have very little to worry about in this area. Still, it is smart to take every precaution that you can to avoid danger in the ocean. These tips should take care of minimizing your risks even further.


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