AwardWinning Performance from Dell XPS 1530

It’s a fact- most laptops can’t handle Windows Vista with ease. The operating system is memory intensive and runs on the newest frameworks from Microsoft. As opposed to the older operating systems like Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional and the Home Edition, Vista is something else. The operating system chooses the laptop that would do its internal frameworks justice.

The Dell XPS 1530 is one of these rare high-end laptops that could definitely do the job of handling Windows Vista. Essentially, Dell has been known to produce rock-solid laptops geared for top-notch performance. If you plan on using a lot of multimedia software, business tools and applications, the Dell XPS 1530 is definitely for you.

What kind of performance does Windows Vista require? A lot- which slower computers and notebooks cannot give. For example, a note book with a 1 gigabyte RAM cannot even handle Microsoft Office 2007 edition with ease. Imagine typing a few words and it takes a few seconds before the notebook can catch up, struggling all the while with M.O. 2007. All that will be behind you with the Dell XPS 1530.


The Dell XPS 1530 comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Premium Service Pack 1 (SP1)- for past Windows users, you can just update the software to run Microsoft Update and the other security packs and software updates would be transferred automatically and installed. This system, which was more predominant or more efficient in the Windows XP line, allowed Service Pack 2 users to upgrade to Service Pack 3 with ease.

Dell XPS 1530 utilizes a wide screen approach to things. If you’re a fan of the 11 inch and 12 inch notebooks of bygone years, you’re going to love the XPS 1530’s 15 inch liquid crystal display. With a resolution of 1440 pixels by 900 pixels, Dell’s wide screen also employs TrueLife technology.

For the processors, this laptop has been installed with a Intel Core 2 Duo T9300, running at an impressive 2.50 gigahertz. No wonder this laptop can handle Windows Vista- it has also been integrated with a 4.09 gigabyte random access memory (RAM) running at 667 megahertz. The RAM is DDR2 SDRAM.

Like many of well known brands, the Dell XPS 1530 runs with an nVidia Geforce video card, which has a dedicated memory of about 256 megabytes. Storage is also being handled well by the Dell XPS 1530- the solid state hard drive included has a storage capacity of about 320 gigabytes (this is a SATA hard drive). For Windows Vista, give or take about 40 gigabytes and you’re all set to use the rest for documents, games and multimedia.

A card reader has also been included for easy transfers of multimedia from other devices, such as digital video cameras, mobile phones and personal digital assistants. A biometric fingerprint reader has also been installed as a theft-deterrent function. And yes, the Dell has a slim slot-loaded DVD drive that clocks at 8x revolutions per minute.

The webcam is at a sufficient 2.0 megapixels while the 9 cell battery will surely prolong your non-home or non-office usage. The Dell XPS1530 also has a HDMI port.


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