Baby Shower Ideas for Adoptions


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Pregnancy
Published on 12-14-2009

Welcoming a new baby into the family is always an exciting experience for everyone concerned. While this is as true for the family who is adopting as well as those who are welcoming their own natural child, sometimes people do not have many baby shower ideas for adoptions. Some may not even realize that a baby shower is relevant to an adoption.

A baby shower for an adopted infant need not be any different from one for a natural child. It can be as elaborate or as simple as the hostess’s preference and budget dictates. There are, however, some other ideas which are suitable for an adoption.

These days, more and more adoptive parents are choosing to keep their new child’s origins as open as possible. They want the child to know about his background. In some cases, an arrangement known as “open adoption” even gives the birth mother the chance to stay in the child’s life. Depending upon the particular circumstances, and which method applies to the child and family you wish to give a baby shower for, these factors can include unique ideas for the shower.

A gift such as a time-capsule, or an album filled with proper mementos, can be an interesting and well-received gift for the adopted child’s baby shower. What they should contain depends upon the amount and types of information which the new parents want the child to have as he grows older. It can be as basic as mementos which focus on his national culture or heritage, to photographs of his birth mother. It is essential to know the new parents’ viewpoint on these subjects before making these kinds of gifts. These are gifts which will surely be treasured throughout the child’s growing up years.

Other new parents prefer to consider only their own family as their adopted child’s family. You have a nice gift idea with this, also. The same type of album or time-capsule can be made, focusing on the couple, their new baby, and all the new family members which he will have through his adoption.

Traditional baby shower themes and gifts are as appropriate for the adopted baby. The baby shower can be scheduled prior to his arrival, or after he has arrived in his new home. As the adoptive parents probably know the new baby’s gender in advance, a party that is themed especially for a boy or a girl can be an exciting event.

Whether the couple already have other children or not, welcoming a new baby means special gifts solely for him. Baby toys, bedding, clothing, and other accessories are sure to be appreciated. As this new addition to the family is a great reason for a celebration, the hostess should not have any reservations about making the baby shower a wonderful experience for the couple and their guests. Every child enters his new family only once in a lifetime, so a baby shower should be a festive occasion with gifts that can be used and treasured by both the couple and their child.


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