Baby Skin Care Products

A baby skin is known to be highly-sensitive to chemicals, making it very important for parents to only choose the gentlest baby skin care products that will not leave their babies’ skin dry.

The most common skin problem of babies is rashes. According to a recent study, skin rashes are caused by harsh chemicals which can be found in some baby products including moisturizer, bath soap, hair shampoo, and cologne. With this information, it is important that parents should only use the gentlest baby products for their children.

One of the most widely-used treatments for skin rashes is petroleum jelly. This works by sealing in moisture and allowing the affected part to heal. To make sure that this product would provide the best cure for rashes, parents should make sure that the skin area is properly cleaned before applying petroleum jelly.

Some baby products use chemicals such as 1,4 dioxane, nitrosamines, and formaldehyde which are known to irritate baby’s skin. Also, some powder may cause allergy when it is inhaled (since this contain minute particles, it could easily enter inside respiratory track). There are now cream-based powders available in the market today, this is in liquid form but changes into a powder when applied on the skin.

Skin care products should possess essential vitamins and minerals which can make baby’s skin healthy and well-moisturized; anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities; and antioxidants property. Avocado oil is widely-used in making baby skin care products especially for shampoo since it contains Vitamins A, D, E, and sterols and amino acids which makes the scalp and skin healthy and well-moisturized.

Another popular product choice for dermatologists is a product which contains Vitamin E which provides a food source of antioxidant agents which protects the skin from harsh chemicals and free-radicals. This type of vitamins also protects the skin from UV damage caused by sunlight and helps skin regeneration of healthy cells.

When choosing for the gentlest hair shampoo, parents should make sure that the product doesn’t contain perfume and artificial fragrance and synthetic colors. They should also stay away from products which contain Parabens, Quaternium, Phthalate, and Imidazolidinyl Urea, Propylene Glycols, and Sodium Laureth Sulfates (SLS).

One of the best ways to determine if the product is gentle on the baby’s skin is by looking at its pH level which is the measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a certain solution. The gentlest products are those which contain a balance level of pH which means that it is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Parents should also avoid products which contain perfume, artificial color, and other chemicals that are known to be skin irritants.

To make sure that skin products would not harm the baby’s sensitive skin, parents should only apply a very small amount of any kind of products on the baby’s skin to allow it to adapt on these new solutions. After few months of doing this, check if these products are gentle on the skin and discontinue use if not.


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