Back To School Fashion Trends For 2009


Authored by Jody Morse in Clothing
Published on 08-04-2009

Back to school shopping is right around the corner. For teens and tweens especially, staying in style is very important. It is likely that your child is going to want to wear clothing styles that are similar to what their friends and all of the other kids at school are wearing. Here are some of the top back to school fashion trends for 2009.

Layered Clothing

One of the hottest fall trends is layered clothing. The reason is because the weather tends to be very flexible during the autumn season. Layers will help ensure that your child is probably dressed for any temperature that the season may have in store. Tank tops, t-shirts, and lightweight hooded sweatshirts are all great options for the fall season. The best thing is that these styles are very basic so it is easy to find them anywhere.

Patterned Clothing

This fall, patterned clothing is going to be very hot. Plaid clothing is especially going to be very popular. Polka dots and striped clothing are some other essential prints that your teen will want to include in her wardrobe. Some of the different stores that sell clothing designed for teens may sell different coordinates of these patterns, such as a striped hoodie that matches a polka dotted camisole that is meant to be worn underneath it.

Dark Wash Jeans

Although many kids in school will be wearing jeans of all colors, dark wash is going to be the most popular when your child goes back to school. The color is a great choice for any occasion, matches other clothing very well, and makes almost everyone look more slender. Girls especially will want to own at least one or two pairs of dark wash jeans.

Autumn Colors

Girls will want to wear some of the most popular autumn colors. Chocolate browns, deep purples, and maroons are just a few of the colors that will be especially hot when your child goes back to school. Clothing that is solid or patterned in any of these colors will be a great choice for your child to wear to school.

Flat Shoes

One of the fall trends which has been fairly stylish for the past few years is flat shoes. They can be worn with denim skirts, skinny jeans, or almost any other outfit that your daughter is planning to wear to school this year. There will be very basic designs, as well as more intricate ones, such as flat shoes that have sequins or patterns incorporated into them.

It is likely that no matter what age your child is, he or she will probably want to wear clothing styles that are similar to those that all of the other kids are wearing. These are just a few of the back school fashion trends for 2009 that will be very popular.


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