Back To School Supplies For Toddlers

Back to school time is one of the most stressful times for parents every year.  When your toddler is set to return to school, it sometimes seems as though the school wants you to bring half of Walmart back to school with them.  The truth is, toddlers to need a great deal of things to go back to school and have those things that they need.  Teachers often get stuck with providing these school supplies when parents ignore those back to school supply lists.  To help out your toddler’s teacher, and your toddler by default, here is a look at the back to school supplies that they will likely need.

The first thing you need to purchase for your child at school is a good back pack.  Kids at this age will keep every single thing they need in these handy backpacks, and the teacher will appreciate it as well. This will allow you to easily retrieve and send notes back and forth with the teacher as well.  The best part is that your child will stay organized.  This is a good thing when your child is starting out in school.

Crayons are certainly one of the primary tools in a toddler’s tool box for school.  Every single classroom for toddlers can always use crayons, and your toddler will likely use their fair share. Given this, you shoud go ahead and buy the great big box with 6 million colors.  Make sure you send a note to the teacher that the crayons are intended for the classroom, or else your teacher will be dealing with a riot over all the colors your child has.

Pencils are another key item for your child when they go back to school.  The best type of pencil are the kinds that are already sharpened.  You can imagine the first day of school for the teacher if thirty toddlers show up to school with unsharpened pencils.  It would take past lunch just to get them each through the pencil sharpening line.  If you are unable to find sharpened pencils, please take the time to sharpen them for your child.

Hand sanitizer is another must have back to school supply.  In a world where we live with swine flu, and something new every other week, it is vital that your child know both how to use hand sanitizer and where to find it.  They should be using it throughout the day.  Make certain you have the type of sanitizer that is not dangerous for your child, and that they understand fully how to use it.  Hand sanitizer could make your life much easier over the course of the school year.

Just like you need hand sanitizer, you are also going to need tissues.  Send a few boxes if you really like your toddler’s teacher, because they will be wiping noses all year long.  There is no shortage of things that come up where tissues are needed, so feel liberal about helping out.  It will be appreciated for certain.

Safety scissors are another important back to school supply.  The thought of your toddler with scissors is a scary one, but they will use them at school for sure.  Learning to cut a straight line, and creating various types of things are a certainty.  That said, make sure you invest in a decent pair of safety scissors for your toddler.  They make scissors now that are almost impossible to hurt yourself with.

Glue sticks are the final thing on my back to school list, and they are relatively self explanatory. When my toddlers first got hold of some glue sticks, it did not go well.  I would suggest that you have a little class about what should and should not be glued before giving these to your toddler. (unless you like your dvd player to no longer open)

Back to school supply lists change from year to year, but this list will certainly get you off to a good start for the school year.  Most toddler lists are very similar to this one, so feel good about going ahead and getting these items now.  Your teacher will give you a list of any specific needs the child may have after school starts, or at the open house just before.


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