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Back to School What the Cool Kids are Bringing aka Our Readers Favorite Office Supplies


Curiosity got the best of me today and I started to wonder what the most frequently purchased office supply products were for visitors to our site.  Then I thought that with back to school season in full swing, maybe it would be helpful to our readers to know what all the cool kids have been stocking up on, and by “cool kids” I mean anyone that reads this blog of course.  Now I cant really get a comprehensive list of all items and sources, but Amazon makes it easy to track such things.  Now before I go into the list of the 10 office supplies that were most frequently purchased by readers, I’ve got two disclaimers for you.

First is that I have no idea who buys what, so no need to worry there, Amazon just provides a report that shows the items purchased and other relevant info, but NO personally identifying info about you.  Second, is just a reminder that yes, we make money when people click on our Amazon links (and some other links) and buy things from Amazon.  I know that might bother some folks, and thats kind of why I repeat it from time to time to make sure if you aren’t on board with it, you aren’t clicking, but that is a major part of how we can afford to keep the site up and running between hosting fees, design work, giveaway costs, and of course the costs of purchasing items to review.  So with that out of the way, lets take a look at what the most popular Amazon purchases have been year to date so far for .com readers.

10. Acco 2 Inch Binder Clip – We’ve never reviewed these, but they are your standard functioning binder clips as best as I can tell, and Acco is a pretty reliable brand so I can see why these would come in as the #10 most popular item.

9.   Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX – Take a workhorse like the Uni-Ball Vision Elite, throw in some pretty unique colors and you get a pretty awesome writing experience. (Review)

8.   Handstands Ergo-Mat Memory Foam Mouse Mat – Its been a while since I’ve used this because I’m no longer using a desktop computer, its been converted to my dedicated DVR now, but when I was using it, this thing was a life saver.  Super comfortable and great quality.  (Review)

7.   Expo Click Retractable Low Oder Chisle Tip Dry Erase Markers – Truly low odor, which is great for dry erase markers, and the retractable feature is great because who wants to fiddle with caps when standing at a white board? (Review)

6.   Pilot G-Tec-C – Maybe this had something to do with my personal campaign to knock the Pilot G2 out of the #1 ranking for top selling  pens on Amazon, but either way, these are an awesome choice and come in a good variety of colors and sizes. (Review)

5.   Acco Mega Clip – Giant paper clips…who wouldn’t love them?  These definitely stand out from the crowd at 4″ in length, and can hold onto a bunch of papers for you. (Review)

4.   Uni-Ball Kurutoga Starter Set – I’ve said it before and I feel like I cant say it enough, this is THE pencil to use.  It converted me from an adamantly anti-pencil guy to someone that picked one up every chance he got.  The point on this stays forever sharp and consistent because it automatically rotates the lead for you as you write.  (Review)

3.   Lion Extra Large Binder Clip– 5.9 Inches – Again, this is an item we never reviewed, but it still made its way into the most frequently purchased items here, so its got to be somewhat useful and cool.  Just the fact that it can hold up to 110 sheets of paper is kind of impressive if you ask me.

2.   Stainless Steel Sharpie – You cant get better than taking a classic like the Sharpie Permanent marker, and giving it a high end upgrade.  The smart product development folks at Sharpie decided to give the standard Sharpie a stainless steel makeover and its been an incredibly popular item here and elsewhere ever since. (Review)

1.   Jumbo Binder Clip – This is probably the most popular review by far on the site, so its no surprise that it ranked as the #1 most popular purchase on Amazon for OSG readers.  The fact that this is the #1 most popular office supply doesn’t do it justice, it actually had 5 times as many sales as the #2 item on this list, so nothing is even close to being as popular as this is. (Review)

So considering the fact that some of these reviews were done years ago, its pretty impressive that they managed to show up as the top office supply purchases for 2013, it just goes to show that these aren’t just “trendy” items, but honest to goodness practical and helpful office supplies that you should consider picking up to make your work or school day more enjoyable and in some cases more efficient.

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