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Bally women's clothing of spring and summer 2011

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/21/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Recently, the Swiss luxury brand Bally has exhibited the series of collection women’s clothing in spring and summer 2011 in Beijing shop. This series are brought by two first-coming creative director of Bally’s who firstly design the brand and make Beijing as the first stop of its global tour. The display scene is completely covered by grass which reproduces the natural scenery of the birthplace of the Swiss brand Bally and also reveals the women theme of the season-natural beauty. The preview exhibition focuses on the various kinds of Bally shoes and accessories series which are in the different and leisurely traditional style. In addition, the brand particularly launches the series of Sisi and Scribe Made-to-order this year during the time of exhibition. In that afternoon, with the two creative directors, superstar Mr. Louis Koo’s visited the shop to kick off these new series and successfully made the Milan Fashion Week remitted to China. March 2010, Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz were appointed as the creative directors of Bally to charge the line design of all Bally products. Their critical mission is to continue to strengthen the concept of Bally is the only brand which has a traditional Swiss luxury brand among the global industries. To this end, Graeme and Michael had done the adequate preparation. They understand the practical need and potential ability of Bally as a history traditional and luxury brand, and they know how to make use of this tradition as the capital and join is more and more modern fashion elements. The first set of Bally Women Series of the Bally 2011 series are designed by Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz, and the inspiration is from the glamorous pilots’ commercials of Ms. German-American photographer Erwin Blumenfeld. The memory of the 30’s and the surreal feeling in the fragments do greatly impact the designs of ladies shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing line in this season. A new interpretation of women’s Bally also created a new image to Bally. For Graeme and Michael, their co-operation is also the perfect combination of design inspiration and business acumen. Inspiring each other’s creativity at the same of, they are also creating a new modern fashion vision to Bally. Check out the above link to find out more.



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