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Bamboo Dry Erase Desk Top To Do from Three by Three Seattle


Bamboo Dry Erase To Do Board from Three by Three Seattle

Last year I had the privilege of meeting the fine folks from Three by Three Seattle at the National Stationery show and I ended up reviewing their bamboo dry erase entry butler which I also  picked  as one of the top office supplies for 2009.  This year when I stopped by their booth at the National Stationery Show, I saw tons of new products that I’ve since been waiting to get my hands on to review.  Lucky for me, I just got a nice box full of stuff from them to review, so  you will be seeing some of it over the next few weeks.


The Bamboo Dry Erase To Do Board by Three by Three Seattle

Presenting The Bamboo Dry Erase Desk Top To Do Board!

The first item that I wanted to share with you is their Bamboo Dry Erase Desktop To Do Board, which is another of their great products made with a patented bamboo dry erase material. The Bamboo Dry Erase Desktop To Do board is a great green office supply because it eliminates the need for a notepad by your phone to take messages, or to write your to do list for the day.  Beyond just eliminating the need for you to continually write things on sheets of paper and throw them out, the board is made of bamboo, which is much more sustainable than your standard lumber because it grows much faster.  Personally I really love the look of bamboo, especially when it can replace the stark white blandness of standard white boards.


Bamboo Dry Erase Desk Top To Do from Three by Three Seattle

The Bamboo Dry Erase Desktop To Do Board comes in two pieces, a larger and smaller flat board with inter-locking slots.  The back of the board has a black foam covering that helps to give the edge a bit of a grip on your desk so it doesn’t slide as you put pressure on it to write.  Sliding the two pieces together was a little bit of a tight fit, so it isn’t something that you would want to take apart and put back together all the time, but this is probably good so it keeps a firm and steady stance while you write.

This product another big winner in my opinion from the great designers at Three by Three.  It looks great, is incredibly functional, helps to reduce waste, keeps you organized, and is made from sustainable materials.  All of that for about $13 is an incredible value that will help spruce up your desk area and make your office or cube mate jealous.  You should definitely grab one for yourself, as this Bamboo Dry Erase Desk Top To Do board is really an awesome product.

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