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Bamboo Dry Erase Entry Butler


The bamboo dry erase entry butler from Three by Three Seattle

Back in May when I went to the National Stationery Show at the Javitz Center in NY, I met the nice folks from Three by Three Seattle.  I actually remember doing a double take when I passed their booth and saw something I never saw before…a bamboo dry erase board, but it wasn’t just a dry erase board, it was much more.  Ever since that day, I’ve been in contact with Gwen from Three by Three who kept me up to date on their production process, and has now generously sent me a newly released production sample for review.  UPDATE: These are now available via Amazon here.


The bamboo dry erase entry butler with pen and hanging hardware

When I first saw this sitting in Three by Three’s booth at the National Stationery Show, I couldn’t believe that what looked like a sheet of wood was actually a dry erase board.  Upon closer inspection, and a brief conversation, I found out that it was actually bamboo and it was indeed dry erase.  In addition to being a dry erase board, it also serves as a mini storage system with slots for mail, keys, and whatever else you can fit in there that you would want to keep in a handy and easily accessible place.  I really like the fact that this doesn’t look like a traditional dry erase board because with its clean and natural appearance, it can blend in nicely with a living room or other nicely decorated area that you wouldn’t typically want the average whiteboard displayed in.


Side view of the bamboo dry erase entry butler, notice the extra storage space at the very top

From the previous photo you can see that the bamboo dry erase butler comes with mounting hardware and a dry erase marker, so I got to work right away when it arrived and hung it up by my front door.  As I prepared to hang it up, I was impressed with the build quality, it seems like it is very well constructed and with quality materials.  Mounting it on the wall was pretty simple, 5 minutes with a drill and a screw driver and I was all set.  Although I dont think that my pictures do it justice, you can see that the simple clean lines and natural look are very appealing and don’t bring that office feel to my front door, because really, the last thing I want to be reminded of every time I see my front door is work.


Close up of the metal key hooks on the bamboo dry erase butler

I took the photo from the side so you could get a feel for the space that you have for inserting envelopes, notebooks, the dry erase pen, and any other small items you might want to keep somewhere easy to remember and find. In addition to all of the storage compartments (3 in total) there are also two hooks to hang things from.  The hooks, or actually posts since they don’t really curve at all, have a nice deep notch cut into the end of them to keep a key ring from sliding off.  Besides hanging some keys, you could also hang a hat, gloves, a scarf, or a lanyard with your work ID as well.


The Bamboo Dry Erase Entry Butler Filled to the Brim with “Stuff”

This last picture of the entry butler gives you a feel for what it looks like if you fill up the slots with things and write on the bamboo dry erase board.  In the very top I’ve got two Yankee tickets and a small Rhodia Notebook.  Just below that you can see the backside of the dry erase marker sticking out, but there is plenty of room for a larger dry erase marker like the Expo Retractable Chisel Tip ones, or 2-3 thinner dry erase markers.  The larger bottom slot with the envelope in it is about 1″ wide (just like the other slots) and about 7″ in height.  In addition to the ample storage space you also have a nice sized 12½” x 4″ bamboo dry erase writing surface.

I’m a really big fan of the bamboo dry erase entry butler from Three by Three Seattle for many reasons.  Between the quality materials and craftsmanship, the unique design, its ability to manage multiple functions, and the clean neat design, you really cant go wrong with this.  Three by Three managed to pack in a ton of functionality and quality for only $20 with this bamboo dry erase board and organizing tool.  They also come in a white and silver finish, you can check those out at the Three by Three site here if you are interested in buying one.  Three by Three also has some other great looking products on their site, so it’s definately worth checking out their site and you can also be their fan on Facebook, just like you can be a fan of too. 😉  Three by Three Seattle and their innovative bamboo dry erase board are just one of the reasons I’m already looking forward to the 2010 National Stationery Show.

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